The HDMI Forum announces an updated release of the Compliance Test Specification: CTS2.1, Lookup Table, CDF 2.1c and MOIs for Sink Devices. This version includes a revised CTS version 2.1c for Sinks; and 47 new and 8 revised MOIs, primarily related to FRL features. Adopters are encouraged to use this new document and the latest MOIs.

Allion Labs, Inc. has conducted HDMI compliance test for various products since 2010 as a subcontractor of Sony HDMI Authorized Test Center (ATC). Allion’s HDMI comprehensive compliance program covers different product applications including source, sink, repeater, or cable to ensure the HDMI cables support the bandwidth specification. From now on, Allion offers ‘HDMI 2.1 testing’ aiming to ensure your product quality is compliant to the newly updated testing specification.


 HDMI 2.1 Testing Service 

  • CAT3 Pre-Compliance Testing
  • eARC Pre-Compliance Testing and Compliance Program (By SONY ATC)
  • FRL Sink Pre-Compliance Testing and Compliance Program (By SONY ATC)
  • FRL Source Pre-Compliance Testing
  • HDMI Compatibility Testing

The Reference Source (The Compliance Test Specification is included)(Only for HDMI Member)

Noted: All the documents can be downloaded from Adopter Extranet.

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