Allion Labs, Inc is authorized by the HDMI Forum to perform HDMI 2.X Compliance Testing. Allion now provides official HDMI logo certification testing and consulting services, including CAT3, eARC, FRL, and pre-compliance testing.

Allion Test Facilities Listed as HDMI Authorized Test Centers (ATC)

Compared to HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.1 features higher bandwidth capacity of 48Gbps, refresh rates up to 8K@60Hz, and Dynamic HDR. In addition, the eARC implemented in the HDMI 2.1 specification ensures the compatibility between HDMI display devices and additional speaker systems. Thus, HDMI 2.1 greatly improves the quality and viewing experience for users.

As one of the most important digital video, audio, and data interfaces, HDMI has been widely used in the consumer electronics industry since the first HDMI specification was released in 2002. More than 8 billion HDMI-enabled devices have been shipped worldwide.

With years of HDMI testing experience, Allion is confident of meeting the growing demand for HDMI testing by delivering the most efficient and comprehensive HDMI certification testing services for Sink, Source, Repeater, Cable, and Connector.

For more information about HDMI certification programs and testing services, please contact us at

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