Allion is a subcontractor of Sony HDMI ATC and currently provides Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable testing services, including pre-test and certifications, to ensure your cables meet the high performance and reliability requirements.

The features of Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable comply with Category 3 Cables specifications as stated in the Compliance Test Specification (CTS). The UHS cables support up to 48Gbps bandwidth, 4K@12Hz and 8K@60Hz, and other HDMI 2.1 features such as eARC, VRR, and HDR.

Requirements of Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable Certifications:

  1. All tests need to be conducted at HDMI ATCs (Authorized Test Centers)
  2. Implementation of Certified Category 3 Connector
  3. Comply with EMI Standards
  4. Clear identifications on product packaging and outer jacket of the cable itself

HDMI LA first released the eARC and FRL functions last year, but it is until recently that they launched the Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable, a high-quality cable used to join the source and sink devices for eARC or FRL transmissions. With the UHS cable, the HDMI 2.1 will enable more solutions and create better experiences for users.

Test Programs of HDMI 2.1:

  • Ultra High Speed Cable Pre-Test & Certification Test
  • eARC Pre-Test & Certification Test
  • FRL Sink Pre-Test & Certification Test
  • FRL Source Pre-Test
  • HDMI Compliance Test

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