In April, HDMI Licensing Administrator (HDMI LA) released two important regulation updates. Allion has been keeping up with the latest information and has summarized the key points below.

1. HDMI Passive Adapter Compliance Program

HDMI is the most popular interface for transmitting audio and video, and has been widely used in different types of connectors such as Standard, Mini, and Micro Connector. Among them, many HDMI adapters, like male-to-female connectors and standard to micro connectors, have been found on the market. However, these products were not defined in the HDMI specification in the past, which caused functionality and compatibility issues.

To ensure compatibility between HDMI adapters and HDMI-related products, HDMI LA has launched the HDMI Passive Adapters Compliance Program. It can be classified into three types based on their usage requirements: Pigtail Type or Small Attachment Type for different connector conversions, or Adjustable Cable Type for special purposes, such as wall-mounted HDMI socket.

By passing the HDMI Passive Adapter Compliance Program, you can ensure the safe use of HDMI 1.4b functionality.

Source: HDMI Passive Adapters

2. Premium High Speed HDMI Cable now certifies Converter Type Cables

The Premium High Speed HDMI Cable can support up to 18G bandwidth in TMDS transmission mode. Previously, it was limited to certifying Wire or Active Type Cable only. However, HDMI LA has improved the Converter Type Cables test method by using an oscilloscope and a signal generator to test the eye diagram. This overcomes the previous limitations of using ENA to test the eye diagram, allowing certification tests to be performed on Converter Type Cables as well.

With this specification update, full-fiber AOC Cables benefit directly as one of the Converter Type Cables. They could not be certified under the previous Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable test specification unless they supported the HEAC function and used copper wire for transmission. The HEAC function is optional under the Premium High Speed HDMI Cable specification. After this specification update, it has become the preferred test solution for full-fiber AOC Cables.

Allion has extensive experience in HDMI validation consulting and can provide comprehensive HDMI certification services. Whether your product is a Sink, Source, Repeater, or Cable & Connector, we can offer customized testing solutions and technical consulting services to help you get certification in the shortest possible time. We can also help clarify any key product issues and reduce possible customer complaints after product launch.

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