After becoming an official Authorized Vendor Test Lab (AVL) for OpenSync®, Allion swiftly presented outstanding capabilities. With expertise and technical support in the certification field, Allion collaborated with Hitron to successfully complete the verification recently, leading to the approval of being the first DOCSIS 3.0 Wi-Fi 6 Gateway with OpenSync® certification for their residential CPE (Model: CGNV5-U). This achievement also marks the world’s first residential CPE product to obtain OpenSync® Certification through an Authorized vendor test lab.

Leading the industry, The World's First Product Certified Through AVL! Allion Assists Hitron's CGNV5-U to Become the First DOCSIS 3.0 Wi-Fi 6 Gateway to Achieve OpenSync® Certification’
Leading the industry, The World's First Product Certified Through AVL! Allion Assists Hitron's CGNV5-U to Become the First DOCSIS 3.0 Wi-Fi 6 Gateway to Achieve OpenSync® Certification’

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OpenSync® Certification is an open-source software defined networking framework that provides and modifies programmable services in CPE communication service providers and consumer network devices, seamlessly operating across various devices and software platforms. It not only enhances user-friendliness but also reinforces security and high-performance wireless network environments.

With OpenSync® certification in place, Hitron’s home CPE (model: CGNV5-U) is expected to assist telecom operators in convenient device management and enhance services with existing hardware units. It will dynamically adjust to the optimal network configuration, providing users with a more powerful, stable, and higher-quality home network experience, ultimately satisfying the demands of network service providers and end-users.

As an Authorized Vendor Test Lab for OpenSync® Certification, Allion played an essential role in assisting Hitron throughout the OpenSync® Certification process. Through close collaboration with Hitron, Allion leveraged its leading industry expertise, high-frequency high-speed equipment resources, real-world user scenario simulations, and AI automation testing solutions to conduct in-depth analysis and rigorous verification during product functionality testing, user experience testing, and security testing. This aided Hitron in achieving the best product performance, reliability, and interoperability standards in a faster, more efficient, and comprehensive manner to ensure compliance with OpenSync® Certification requirements.


About Hitron Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan, Hitron Technologies Inc. strives to be a world leader in broadband devices by establishing a strong technological foundation and adhering to the principle of “Technology Leadership, Service Excellence.” Hitron is dedicated to continuous research and development, specializing in the design and manufacturing of various Telecom Access Network and DOCSIS-related network products. Hitron’s headquarters is situated in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with a manufacturing location in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Moreover, the company has Operations and R&D centers in Hsinchu, Suzhou (China), Denver/Los Angeles (USA), and Amsterdam (Netherlands).


About Allion Labs Inc.

Founded in Taiwan in 1991, Allion Labs has accumulated over 30 years of extensive certification experience and has gained a leading position in the global engineering consulting field. They provide efficient engineering consulting and solutions that meet various stage requirements for client products. Their services cover product design, AI automation solutions, user scenario simulation testing, product quality testing, and standard verification, aligning with the technical requirements of new technologies and various standard associations to deliver high-quality and comprehensive services.

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