On May 28 2019, in Taipei Taiwan, Intel introduced 10th Gen Intel Core and Project Athena at Computex 2019. Project Athena industry-wide suppliers include tech giants Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, Microsoft, and testing industry pioneer Allion, jointly building high-end laptops that are lighter, thinner, faster, more powerful with better battery life. (WatchIntel video news release”).

As one of Intel’s collaborating partners for Project Athena, Allion is accelerating Intel ecosystem by launching theEcosystem Validation Program for Intel® Platforms. This program defines test specifications to ensure “Low Power Display Panels”, which are essential for laptops, to meet the requirements of Project Athena. In addition to embedded display panels on laptops, this program also provides an opportunity for display manufacturers to validate their external displays against Intel platforms for better interoperability on various bus interfaces like USB, PD, HDMI and DP.

Displays qualified by the Ecosystem Validation Program will receive Allion’s test certificate as the proof of high quality displays, and also as a reference for brands or ODMs to adopt in their product development for proven quality on Intel platforms.

As Intel announces the debut of Project Athena, it equally declares the arrival of the second wave of laptop revolution after its Ultrabook’s launch. As a partner in the Intel ecosystem for 20+ years, Allion will continuously develop test solutions for the entire industry to deliver quality and confidence.

For customers who are interested in Allion’s “Ecosystem Validation Program for Intel® Platforms” service, please contact Allion via service@allion.com or visit theEcosystem Validation Program for Intel® Platforms service page for more details.

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