As a global leading engineering validation & consulting company, Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) has been officially authorized as the first-tier SuperSpeed USB Independent Test Laboratory (ITL) by USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF).  Allion not only provides the complete USB 3.0 Compliance Program, but also is able to deliver relevant yet reliable debugging solutions to global customers.  From now on, all vendors can apply certification test to obtain the certified logo directly through Allion.  In both Taiwan or China, Allion Taipei or Allion Shenzhen is the only local SuperSpeed USB ITL to assist the vendors in updating the USB 3.0 technology and realizing the requirement for the latest specification to effectively improve the quality of the products.


The most technological progress of SuperSpeed USB, commonly known as USB 3.0, is to support up to 4.8Gbps speed as much a tenfold increase in HighSpeed USB (USB 2.0).  The ultrahigh transmission speed enables one 4.7GB DVD-Video completely transmit within 11 seconds; in addition, the power supply of USB 3.0 is enhanced from 500mAh to 900mAh while providing two-way transmission with full backward compatibility.  Currently, a large number of electronic products has supported USB 3.0 transmission interface.  And yet USB 3.0 has gradually penetrated into all kinds of end-user devices in the market, such as computer systems, peripheral devices, consumer electronics and even household appliances.  It is widely expected in the market that USB 3.0 would quickly sweep across the entire industry.

As a long-term technical partner with USB-IF and the third-party expertise of USB specification, Allion not only assists in promoting the USB specification, but also actively involves in the development of related technologies, R&D talents and importing advanced technology.  For example, Allion has introduced the innovative test solutions, including interoperability, power charging tests, and test fixtures conforming USB specification for test automation.  

With the introduction of USB 3.0 specification, Allion expands the service scope, from USB technology certification, to in-depth and high-foresighted consulting service, problem-debugging and product root-cause analysis and so on, to effectively solve all kinds of technological problems the vendors may encounter.

To confront the market’s great demand on USB 3.0 technology, Allion is committed to provide the vendors with the highest quality service to fulfill the test requirement of logo certification and accelerate the time-to-market.  For further information about USB-IF Compliance Program and USB 3.0 updates, please contact Allion at


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