Allion Japan is accredited by the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) this May as one of the first test labs to provide MCPC Ver. 2.0, offering vendors services on MCPC related standard certification, pre-test, and technical consultancy.

The MCPC certification has always focused on the safety of charging on mobile phones. The previous version, namely Ver.1.0, only focused on adapters and excluded USB PD related tests. However, as USB PD gains popularity, MCPC launches this new MCPC Ver2.0 Certification Program to ensure the quality of USB PD on the sink ends including smart phones, tablets, and power banks.

As devices with high electrical currents are growing, thermal cuts and short-circuit protections are getting popular as well. To ensure safety, MCPC charging certifications set stringent standards for document reviews and physical test assessments. Devices that pass the tests will be granted with MCPC logos.

Allion has been co-working with MCPC to set standards and certification programs, and promoting the latest charging technologies to offer vendors consulting services.

For more information regarding MCPC Certification Program, please contact

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