Allion Japan Inc. started a new FeliCa service, “FeliCa Proxy Tester Service”. FeliCa Proxy Tester Service is to provide tests conducted by our FeliCa engineers instead of customers themselves. We will perform test services by utilizing equipment in an efficient way, and provide test reports to support your development products.

Example: Test Content 

  • Perform the equivalent test of FeliCa certification.(10~15 working days)
  • Confirm communication characteristic between certified devices and new FeliCa cards because of increasing new FeliCa card numbers.(2~3 working days)
  • Measure the resonance frequency by using network analyzer.(1~3 working days)

This is the service Allion engineer perform the measurement on behalf of you.

  • For any information of FeliCa Proxy Tester Service, please feel free to contact our FeliCa team. 

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