Spec Timeline
Allion Compliance Update

Bluetooth |Aug.

● Bluetooth SIG Membership Fee Changes Effective January 1st, 2024

HDR10+ |Aug.

● Allion is authorized by HDR10+ Technologies LLC to provide SSTM and Projector certification service NOW.

PCI Express |Aug.

● The PCI-SIG Board of Directors is pleased to announce the formation of an Optical Cable Working Group (OWG). The purpose of this WG is to evolve PCI Express technology in an optical-friendly manner, supporting a wide range of optical technologies, including developing optical specific form-factors.

Scope of Optical Cable WG:

  • The base specification enhancements will occur in the existing WGs. The purpose of the Optical Cable WG is to evaluate a variety of optical technologies, identify associated requirements, and ensure that the base specification enhancements satisfy those requirements. This WG will also be responsible for proposing any form-factor enhancements, including new ones, and may develop a set of metrics.

● Join the Optical Cable WG here:

Wi-Fi |Aug.

● Wi-Fi Alliance now offers certification for AFC standard power APs and Fixed Client Devices for 6 GHz Wi-Fi CERTIFEID 6 devices.

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