Hosted by Allion and sponsored by the Institute for Information Industry (III) in Taiwan, the 5-day OCF Plugfest #19 has been successfully rounded off on September 21st, 2018.

This OCF Plugfest#19 provided participating vendors the opportunity to perform conformance tests against the updated version 2.1 of the Conformance Testing Tool (CTT), including beta releases. Moreover, three new testing tools were introduced at this event. These tools will provide supporting benefits to the vendors who are planning to incorporate OCF methodologies when it comes to R&D and product testing.

The three testing tools are briefed as follows:

1. OCF Interoperability Development Board: This utility enables the simulation of OCF devices, such as refrigerators, fans, switches and etc. It enables the simulations of either servers or clients based on the OCF framework, thereby offering users a way to conduct interoperability tests and obtain if their devices are in line with the OCF protocols. In the near future, this simulator will be incorporated as one of testing tools for OCF validation of interoperability.

2. OCF Technology Generic Client (OTGC): This application enables the simulation of generic OCF client in devices. By using OTGC, vendors are able to verify if the OCF-enabled devices could be controlled normally. Currently, OTGC is undergoing the OCF certification process and will become valid soon. In the future, OTGC will support a wide variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux OS. For OCF-addicted vendors, they may download OTGC from Google Play and Apple Store for free soon.

3. OCF Device Spy: This OCF Device Spy is particularly designed as the debugging tool pursuant to the principles of CTT. This tool can be used to send valid commands to testing devices, as well as sending invalid commands to evaluate if the devices are able to respond timely and accurately. This tool will be helpful when it comes to testing and debugging devices, which can largely decrease the time for developers to inspect source codes in a cost effective way.

As a pioneer in IoT testing field, Allion is the one and only OCF authorized test lab (ATL) in Greater China. In addition to that, Allion has passed the OCF lab audit during this event. We are ready to provide OCF members professional consultancy regarding IoT with all relevant testing services.

If you have any request or interests in OCF certification or IoT validation, please refer to

About OCF

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is dedicated to creating specification and unleashing open source projects for billions of connected devices (phones, computers, and sensors) to communicate with one another regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or physical transport.

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