OpenAI has launched ChatGPT, a chatbot, which has not only become a global focal point but also driven business opportunities for high-performance computing in the high-end server market. High-end servers utilize high-speed transmission interfaces both internally and externally. The external cables follow the IEEE 802.3 standard (800 Gb/s), while the internal motherboards adopt PCIe 5.0, which is crucial for processing speed. With the increasing demand for high-speed transmission cables, the design and production of high-frequency fixtures have become a challenge faced by various stakeholders in the industry supply chain, including cloud service providers, motherboard processors, servers, switches, high-speed cables, and electronic connector suppliers.

Allion Labs, a laboratory providing professional certification testing consultancy services has joined forces with Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) Taiwan, local subsidiary of the leading international measurement instrument manufacturer in the industry. We have collaborated to offer professional fixture design services specifically targeting the PCIe and IEEE802.3 testing, the two key standards in the industry for high-end servers. Taking into account the measurement speed, we have designed multi-port network analyzers and provided customers with professional integrated consultancy services for de-embedding algorithms, which are necessary for high-speed transmissions.


R&S Vector Network Analyzer and 64-Port Modular Matrix Switcher – Calibration, De-embedding, and One-Shot Test Measurements

The number of transmission line pairs required for high-speed transmission is increasing. R&S®ZNA and R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer and R&S®ZNrun automation suite utilize their proprietary calibration method and combine it with a highly flexible and cost-effective 64-port modular matrix switch to effectively reduce the calibration time for test engineers from several days to 45 minutes. To address the considerations of high-frequency de-embedding, they provide an easy and precise method using offset to achieve higher accuracy than the TRL calibration method. Through simple steps, they effectively solve the issues related to high-frequency measurements in fixtures. To meet the demand for a large number of transmission line pairs, R&S has introduced a 64-port modular matrix switch. The advantage of this design is that the fixture only needs to be connected once, eliminating the need for repeated connections. This significantly shortens the measurement time and allows for generating test reports in just 30 minutes. This measurement solution based on R&S®ZNrun not only provides efficient and highly accurate measurements for researchers, along with test reports, but also enables quick identification of faulty cables or device parts, greatly enhancing efficiency.


Customization Services by Allion Labs – Research, Design, Validation, and Mass Production Testing

Allion Labs has 31 years of experience of providing verification automation, scenario simulation verification, and standard certification services across various industries. Over the years, we have focused on developing and designing fixtures for signal integrity and providing mass testing solutions. Fixtures are essential for measurements in the application of high-frequency and high-speed transmission interfaces. Allion Labs’ test fixture design service not only includes PCIe Riser but also considers the space requirements of servers and the requirements of different types of connectors, such as MCIO and GenZ fixture designs. For connector types compliant with the IEEE802.3 standard, such as QSFP and SFP, a professional research and development team provides customized verification solutions. This allows users to save time in fixture development, improve product quality and stability, significantly shorten time to market, and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Allions Labs and R&S Taiwan The Best Measurement Partners for the Server Market

Allion Labs and R&S Taiwan have established a joint laboratory at Allion Labs’ Nangang headquarters, offering industry-leading PCIe and IEEE802.3 testing solutions. These solutions include the state-of-the-art 64-port modular matrix switch, capable of reaching frequencies up to 40 GHz, and de-embedding software and professional custom fixtures for precise measurements. Brian Shih, the CTO of Allion Labs, expressed his appreciation, stating, “R&S has always been a crucial industry partner for Allion Labs. We are proud to utilize R&S’s vector network analyzer, significantly enhancing our capabilities and precision in testing high-speed transmission interfaces.” R&S Taiwan and Allion Labs are poised to become trusted measurement partners for users, working collaboratively to provide unparalleled services in the server market.

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