Allion Shenzhen is recently authorized by Intel as the first test lab in Shenzhen, China to provide Thunderbolt 3 & 4 certification testing and host functional validations. Customers in Shenzhen can enjoy a more comprehensive array of Thunderbolt test solutions and consulting services provided by Allion Shenzhen, starting from today.

Thunderbolt technology has developed into the fourth generation, and the max data transfer rate has reached 40Gbps. As the transmission speeds, forward and backward compatibility keep evolving, Thunderbolt functional validations are more important than ever.

Thunderbolt Functional Validation (FV) has been extremely crucial ever since Thunderbolt 1 was released. Thunderbolt FV includes BIOS, Link status, protocol, functional tests, and other cross-validations. The extensive and complex tests ensure that Thunderbolt products fully support a wide variety of devices.

Thunderbolt systems are getting more and more popular because Intel has integrated Thunderbolt technology into CPUs. As the test lab officially accredited by Intel, Allion Shenzhen is ready to meet the ever-expanding need for Thunderbolt Host certification. We help you reduce customer complaints and shorten the product development time by offering timely technical support, debugging analysis, and various test solutions for other high-speed interfaces like USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

Contact with Allion Team for more testing details on Thunderbolt Host certification and functional validations:

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