In November 2016 the Wi-Fi Alliance recognizes Allion’s Shenzhen as an official Wi-Fi testing ATL (Official Testing Lab). Allion can now provide a complete scope for Wi-Fi testing, certification, interoperability & consultation service.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a NPO and an active promoter of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). It’s main goals are assuring interoperability and performance for all IEEE 802.11 products, also there will be an array of IOT related technologies announced recently. Through this it has established its place as the leader in global wireless technologies, and has an ever growing influence in the Chinese market.

Allion is an establishment which provides worldwide informational technology, IoT testing and consultation in China, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Korea; thus, with the ever increasing requests from our clients in the China market, Allion petitioned to the Wi-Fi Alliance for setting up an ATL in China with the goal of providing on the spot service, consultation and solutions for Wi-Fi and IoT related prospects. If you are interested in applying for Wi-Fi certification or IoT related solutions please contact Allion at

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