Allion is accredited by the Wi-Fi Alliance to launch the certification of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint® Release 3.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ is a solution which streamlines hotspot access so that users do not have to search and authenticate a network each time they need to use it. With Passpoint-supported network, devices will be connected to Wi-Fi automatically, thus delivering a seamless, secure, and cellular-like network experience for users.

The latest Release 3 certification, unlike its predecessor Release 2, focuses on offering users better mobile experiences with faster connections, better versatility, and stronger security.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ Release 3-New updates:

  1. Seamless access and roaming between hotspots: Passpoint makes roaming much quicker and easier. It is downward compatible and supports settings of OSU providers
  2. Offers three alternative fee charging modes to notify users and operators: time-based, on-demand, unlimited
  3. Stronger security: Release 3 now supports up to WPA3™-Enterprise level security, whereas Release 2 only supports up to WPA2™-Enterprise

Allion is one of the first global test labs to offer certifications regarding Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ Release 3, and the only Wi-Fi Authorized Test Laboratory (ATC) in Asia that provides comprehensive Wi-Fi certification testing.

Any inquiries regarding Wi-Fi certifications, please contact us at

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