Allion Labs, Inc. has recently been approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide the TRY Before You Buy special offer. Starting today, we provide Wi-Fi Certification tests to non-members of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Allion is the only test lab to provide all Wi-Fi Compliance Programs, having the most complete Wi-Fi test capabilities in the world.

Today Wi-Fi technology is one of the most widely used wireless technologies whether for personal or enterprise use. A recent survey states nearly 80% of consumers take into consideration whether a product has received the Wi-Fi Certification before purchasing, as a result, the Wi-Fi Alliance and Allion Labs both recommend obtaining the Wi-Fi Certification to boost a product’s value in the consumers’ eyes.

The Wi-Fi Certification tests had not been open to non-members in the past, nor could they obtain test plans, testbeds, and the Wi-Fi Test Suite. It is difficult for non-members to understand the complexity and content of the certification tests, and the uncertainty of passing the certification test causes vendors to hesitate. For smaller businesses and IoT vendors in particular, it is difficult to estimate the costs of conducting testing.

Seeing this problem, the Wi-Fi Alliance created TRY Before You Buy in order to allow non-members undertake certain tests. Vendors are given the chance to understand the basics of the Wi-Fi Certification process, where one can test a product’s compatibility and receive analysis reports to better understand their own product and make a proper consideration whether or not to join the Alliance.

Current test programs included in the TRY Before You Buy Special Offer are as listed below:

TRY Before You Buy Special Offer Tests:

This special offer is for non-members of the Wi-Fi Alliance; those who are interested should contact Allion Labs for the limited spots. Allion Labs had been involved in the development of Wi-Fi technology for many years since the Wi-Fi Alliance’s approval in 2004. For more on Wi-Fi Certifications, please feel free to contact us at:

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