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In the previous article, we mentioned that due to the rise of NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) and the need for reduced size and increased speed, the form factor of storage devices have evolved from 2.5″ to M.2, and its transmission interface has also changed from SATA to PCIe. M.2 with NVMe storage devices (M.2 SSD) have become the mainstream in the industry on both consumer platforms or servers. From the perspective of testing, the M.2 test fixture has an indispensable role.

Based on Allion’s domain knowhow and decades of testing experience, we understand how complex product testing is, particularly when involving different fixtures, instruments, equipment, and operations. Oftentimes the original fixture is functional, yet its design does not consider how a test engineer actually uses it during testing. This causes unnecessary frustration for the test engineer, so Allion fixed the deficiencies of the original fixture and developed a new M.2 fixture to make it more convenient and stable.

World First! M.2 Tesr Fixture for PCIe Tx/Rx

Our fixture has three parts, disassembling the 4 lanes of M.2 PCIe into two groups of Lane0/Lane1 and Lane2/Lane3. The third one is the 2X Thru Calibration onboard, which is for Calibration PCIe Tx and Rx signal. At the same time, the cable is integrated into the fixture.

The following is the image for Allion M.2 PCIe CLB5.0 Host RX Calibration.

In addition, we have also strengthened the structure of the connector to improve the original connector’s poor tolerance and the doubt that it is easy to cause damage in use.

Allion uses modularization to integrate the test cables, which can be directly connected to related test equipment without additional cables, which can greatly reduce the plugging and unplugging of multiple cables during testing. At the same time, it also has different lengths and connector types to meet the different demands of testing.

You can use a 2.92 mm cable to directly connect to the oscilloscope or BERT interface.

Allion adheres to the spirit of providing professional services and solving the difficulties of customers, so our client’s products undergo proper validation in the shortest time possible.

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