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Wireless Convenience

With the development of Bluetooth earphones, many brands have entered this field. It is much more convenient without wires, however, some considerations on Bluetooth wireless must be taken into account. The endurance of Bluetooth earphones is an important factor. For example, it will be better if the devices last longer during travel, libraries, sports venues, and other places.

Versions of Bluetooth

The versions of Bluetooth earphones on the market are mostly from version 4.2 to 5.0 and 5.2, and some earphones also have 5.3. The main points that affect Bluetooth earphones are maximum transmission speed and transmission distance. In addition, transmission speed and transmission distance also affect endurance, and the factor includes audio decoding AAC、aptX、aptX HD、aptX LL、LDAC as well as hardware designs by different manufacturers.

Bluetooth version Release time Maximum transmission speed Transmission distance
5.3 2021 48 Mbit/s 300 m
5.2 2020 48 Mbit/s 300 m
5.1 2019 48 Mbit/s 300 m
5.0 2016 48 Mbit/s 300 m
4.2 2014 24 Mbit/s 5 m

Source: Wikipedia

Endurance Tests

We selected several kinds of Bluetooth headphones this time.

Tested headphones:

Brand Name Model Name Interfaces Bluetooth Charging
3M WorkTunes Connect Wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 Micro USB
Dell Alienware AW920H 3.5mm, Wireless, Bluetooth 5.2 USB Type-C
Jabra Evolve 75 USB, Bluetooth 4.2 Micro-USB
Logitech Zone Wireless USB, Wireless, Bluetooth 5 Qi, USB Type-C
Poly VOYAGER 4320 Bluetooth 5.2 USB Type-C
Razer Opus 3.5mm, Bluetooth,

USB Type-C

4.2 USB Type-C

Headphone Battery Life

We connect the headphones via Bluetooth and play the music with maximum volume, resulting in 3M WorkTunes Connect lasting for over 40 hours; Razer Opus and Poly VOYAGER 4320 UC last for almost 30 hours. As a result, they are suitable for outdoor and short-term travel. The following data is based on power level and time change.

Cumulative use time:

Battery %


3M WorkTunes Connect Dell Alienware AW920H Jabra Evolve 75 Logitech Zone Wireless Poly VOYAGER 4320 UC Razer Opus
100% 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
90% 0:00 1:56 2:10 0:33 2:21
80% 2:52 3:41 3:46 1:48 5:40
70% 8:16 5:48 4:46 3:42 8:54
60% 16:14 8:09 6:36 5:41 11:20 7:58
50% 26:50 12:53 8:44 8:14 15:18
40% 40:18 16:10 9:30 9:45 18:58 12:17
30% 41:37 16:33 9:48 10:47 21:39
20% 42:17 16:49 10:38 12:48 23:57
10% 42:38 17:02 10:46 14:34 27:06 26:04
Total 42:52 17:07 11:09 17:10 29:31 29:50

From the table below, we can see the change in power level and use time. The trend lines gradually flatten when the power level of most products reaches 40%, resulting use time of 1-2 hours left.

In addition, the use time is recorded based on power level, and most earphones report power in a unit of 10%. However, based on actual use time records and observations, most earphones report unit use time is not consistent, and users cannot evaluate the usable time only from the remaining power. Poly VOYAGER 4320 UC’s power consumption is relatively within average in this test. Every 10% of power lasts for 3 hours, hence the users can evaluate how much longer they can use based on the remaining power, and plan whether they need to charge. On the contrary, Razer Opus is designed to report the power range at 100,60,40,10,0%, hence the users can only evaluate the remaining use time based on experience.



3M WorkTunes Connect Dell Alienware AW920H Jabra Evolve 75 Logitech Zone Wireless Poly VOYAGER 4320 UC Razer Opus
100% 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
90% 0:00 1:56 2:10 0:33 2:21
80% 2:52 1:45 1:36 1:15 3:19
70% 5:24 2:07 1:00 1:54 3:14
60% 7:58 2:21 1:50 1:59 2:26 7:58
50% 10:36 4:44 2:08 2:33 3:58
40% 13:28 3:17 0:46 1:31 3:40 4:19
30% 1:19 0:23 0:18 1:02 2:41
20% 0:40 0:16 0:50 2:01 2:18
10% 0:21 0:13 0:08 1:46 3:09 13:47
0% 0:14 0:05 0:23 2:36 2:25 3:46
Total 42:52 17:07 11:09 17:10 29:31 29:02
Average 4:17 1:42 1:06 1:43 2:57 2:59
STDEV 0.203 0.064 0.032 0.027 0.025 0.192

From the table below, 3M/Dell/Jabra’s use time is relatively short with a low power level. The bar of use time is obviously long when the power level is greater than 40%, and the use time is much shorter when the power level is less than 30%. The power level and use time of Poly and Logitech are within average for the users to refer to and evaluate based on the remaining power.

Bar chart of the power unit and use time:

Doubts about Bluetooth Earphones

Although Bluetooth earphones are mature, there are still some potential doubts. We have collected feedback from the users.

For example:

  1. Inaccuracy of power level
  2. The quality of the connection is poor as it randomly disconnects during use.
  3. It disconnects automatically during use and pairs with another device.
  4. The microphone is automatically muted and needs to be turned on manually.
  5. The touch switch occasionally fails.
  6. The switch between calling and listening to music is abnormal.
  7. Compatibility issue of unable to pair
  8. Needs to disconnect and pair again when the error occurs after long use.
  9. Audio and video are out of sync, resulting in sound delay.
  10. The sound performance is not as expected.

Some are the functional issues of products or compatibility issues among different products. Therefore, it is not enough to only perform the basic functional tests before production.

Bluetooth Earphones Test Service

The above is the feedback from the users. Allion has relative experience in testing various kinds of Bluetooth earphones, and we have various equipment/instruments/radio wave isolation room/artificial head/noiseless room/listening room, etc. for in-depth testing. We are confident to perform the best tests for your products to point out problems.

Compatibility Test

There are various kinds of Bluetooth chips on the market to work on all kinds of operating systems and connect to computers/ cell phones/ tablets/TV, and more. Aside from playing music, the voice call is also a focus of compatibility issues. Allion provides various brands of devices and environments to verify.

Connected device: computer/cell phone/tablet/TV

Operating environment: operating system/streaming platform/media player

Functional Test

The use of Bluetooth earphones is diverse, and it is not about only one function. Some earphones have their own apps to adjust mode, switch use environment, power monitoring, etc. Playing music/video games/voice calls are also a concern. Therefore, we need to point out the design flaws or issues in advance based on users’ habits.

Verification: Unpacking setting/confirmation on App function/ user context

Durability Test

Most Bluetooth earphones are used for music/calls/games for a long time, and they are also used for waiting for calls after being connected, hence durability and stability are very crucial.

Verification: Play music/voice calls/e-sports games for a long time Performance evaluation test

In addition to the battery life of Bluetooth earphones, sound quality/wireless interference/voice delay are factors that affect the users.

  • Headphone electro-acoustic performance
  • Wireless signal interference
  • Sound delay measurement

Take the Next Step

Aside from the above tests, Allion has a professional wireless lab and sound lab for complete Bluetooth earphone tests to ensure quality. For more information on our services, please contact us at