With the announcement by the HDMI Forum that the HDMI interface supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) functionality, the VESA association has also introduced Adaptive-Sync functionality in response. Both of these features are primarily aimed at preventing users from seeing torn display screens and are widely used in gaming products. However, not all gaming products on the market necessarily have both HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces. Therefore, a DP (Adaptive-Sync) to HDMI VRR adapter product, which can serve as an interface connector, has emerged.

While the functionality of DP to HDMI adapters may seem promising, encountering various issues such as poor conversion effects or malfunctions can significantly impact the user experience negatively. Moreover, the subsequent product complaints and return crises can be extremely troublesome. Therefore, for manufacturers, thorough verification of the related functionality of adapter products before they hit the market is absolutely imperative.


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DisplayPort to HDMI Conversion & Transmission Issues: Unveiling the Causes of Broken Textures


The Application Scenarios, Risks, and Solutions of DP to HDMI Dongles.

In past collaboration cases with Allion, there have been instances where DP (Adaptive-Sync) to HDMI VRR adapters failed to achieve the intended prevention of screen tearing, resulting in users still experiencing broken images.


Description of Potential Issues.

In the case of actual testing, the product is a DP (Adaptive-sync) to HDMI (VRR) converter, with one end connected to the DP interface of a PC and the other end connected to the HDMI interface of a display monitor. Through continuous refresh rate switching tests, broken textures were observed on the screen. However, in the absence of this converter, the display on both HDMI and DP interfaces is normal.

DP (Adaptive-sync) to HDMI (VRR) converter, with one end connected to the DP interface of a PC and the other end connected to the HDMI interface of a display monitor.

Failure Analysis & Solution 

Allion utilized the Teledyne LeCroy Quantumdata M42de Protocol Analyzer for inspection and analysis, identifying issues with the Adaptive-sync SDP packets. Therefore, it is recommended that manufacturers update the firmware to address this problem promptly for users to resolve the issue quickly.

Teledyne LeCroy Quantumdata M42de Protocol Analyzer
eledyne LeCroy Quantumdata M42de Protocol Analyzer: Supports DP2.1 UHBR20 testing and debugging analysis. Image Source: Teledyne LeCroy


Faster, Easier, Better! Adapter Accessory Consulting Services.

As a professional testing and consulting laboratory, Allion has accumulated years of rich experience and project achievements in the industry. We can tailor customized testing solutions based on different product stages and verification needs, providing customers with efficient, time-saving, and more comprehensive one-stop technical consulting services.

For related products such as adapters, Allion also offers the following consulting services to help customers address most potential issues and reduce the risk of delisting and returns:

  • Customized testing planning and consulting services
  • Compatibility testing
  • User scenario and experience testing
  • Competitor analysis and quality improvement consultation
  • Compliance Test



Through professional testing techniques and extensive experience, we provide customer with fast and objective risk assessments, effectively shortening the time for design verification. Allion has a rich and comprehensive range of DP/HDMI and other display interface devices to ensure product compatibility and quality assurance for your products.

  • Rapid establishment of ecosystem environment equipment
  • Quick development verification strategy
  • Rapid validation plan development



Allion possesses comprehensive hardware verification equipment and compatibility environments. Through our testing solutions, Allion ensures that each verification assessment exhibits characteristics of “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible.” We assist you in improving product quality and overall performance in a simpler manner.

  • More accurate test results
  • Professional issue isolation and debugging support for easier product development



Allion boasts a professional technical team and extensive experience. We know how to design quantifiable testing methods and user experience verification that not only meet regulatory requirements but also fulfill user expectations, ensuring your product performs optimally in real-world applications. Allion’s expert consulting team can also provide product modification suggestions and apply standards from various international associations to the product development process. This not only enhances product quality but also ensures compliance with international standards.

  • Better assistance in establishing supply chain quality management
  • Enhanced user scenario simulation testing

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