In the previous article, we discussed the Mercedes-Benz MBUX multimedia system. We talked about the functionalities, convenience, and applications of smart cockpit and how they have become one of the main interests of various automobile manufacturers in recent years. Due to advertising and promotion, consumers now have high expectations for smart cockpit and it has become very important when consumers are considering purchasing a car.

BMW, one of the world’s leading car brands to develop Internet of Vehicles functionalities, has equipped their 2023 BMW x4 series with the iDrive 7.0 UI and added a 360° surround view system, a wireless smartphone connection system (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and a satellite navigation system. The biggest feature of this system is that it has a voice assistant powered by AI. Drivers can perform tasks in a more convenient way with voice controls, showing that the technology has evolved significantly compared to the last generation.

Although wireless connections between smartphones and vehicle systems have improved the driving experience, there are still potential issues that deserve more attention. Continuing from the last article, we will discuss the user experience of the BMW X4 30i.

Luxury or Not? BMW iDrive IVI System Review
Source:Car and Driver

BMW X4 30i Usage Scenario

Case 1

Scenario: When the driver and passenger’s mobile phones are both connected to the car via Bluetooth, and they want to play music on “Spotify” from the driver’s phone.

Potential Issue: When the music is playing and the passenger temporarily leaves the car, an abnormal audio effect will occur.

User Impact: Bluetooth audio is the mainstream connection option for car systems currently. This audio error can negatively affect the user experience of the users listening to music in the vehicle. Sometimes when this happens, the driver’s phone can even disconnect by itself and you must wait a few minutes before successfully reconnecting. This can negatively affect the users’ perception of the BMW IVI system.

Case 2

Scenario:When the vehicle is moving.

Potential Issue: The iDrive system fails and restarts while the vehicle is moving.

User Impact: During the six months of testing, the iDrive system experienced abnormal restarts around 3 times when the vehicle was moving, and each restart took about a few minutes. This is a random phenomenon so we cannot pinpoint when it will occur. When the system is restarting, all available information about the car cannot be viewed, making it impossible for the driver to know if there is an issue with the vehicle or if it is simply restarting. This issue will put a lot of pressure on the driver and can impact the safety of those in the vehicle.

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Smart Cockpit Experience - Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe 53 User Scenario Review

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Smart Cockpit Experience - Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe 53 User Scenario Review Smart Cockpit Experience - Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe 53 User Scenario Review

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