As vehicle functions become more digital and intelligent, the difficulty of building smart cockpit has also increased naturally. To meet the demands of our automotive clients, Allion Robotic Test Platform Solution (ART) has developed an “In-Car Robot Stand” with adjustable supports, allowing the height and angle of the robot arm to be adjusted accordingly for various car models and accurately placing the arm inside the vehicle.

In the following paragraphs, we will dive into various user scenarios in the driver’s seat and how to utilize automated vehicle testing with the Robotic Test Platform Solution (ART).

Achieving Intelligent Automation in Whole-Vehicle Testing


Scenario 1: Touch Screen Entertainment System

The automotive entertainment system has various operations such as clicks, long presses, and slides. The single-finger test simulates the human hand, performing operations with one finger on the touchscreen interface. To test two-finger operations such as zooming in/out and rotating the map of the navigation system, a two-finger test fixture can achieve this.


Scenario 2: Steering Wheel Buttons and Knobs

Steering wheel controls are usually filled with physical buttons that perform various functions such as answering/ending calls, activating voice assistants, and others. For this button press operation, ART’s single-finger test fixture is used to simulate a human hand. Some steering wheels may be equipped with scroll knobs used to adjust the volume or perform other actions such as acceleration mode or opening the glove compartment. The ART test fixture can also verify these types of knobs for automated testing.


Some car entertainment systems are equipped with knobs with multiple functions, using rotation to control the volume or to perform up, down, left, and right actions. If you have a knob like this, ART can also use a two-finger test fixture for automated testing.

Whether we are talking about the touch screen of the entertainment system, steering wheels buttons, or knobs center console, Allion’s In-car Robot Stand can use utilized for testing different user scenarios, bringing the most intelligent automated vehicle testing there is to our clients.


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