AI Test Solution (ART) – Applications in the Automotive Industry 

By integrating robotic arms and intelligent imaging cameras, and incorporating Smart Wizard Software, Robotic Arm Control, Visual Recognition, Automated Phone Control, Audio Analysis, and Log/Report systems on its testing platform, Allion provides you with a more comprehensive automated testing solution for smart cockpit.

Meet the Needs of Automotive Industry Client & Business Demands

Based on various client types and different testing focuses within the automotive industry, Allion can provide corresponding automated testing solutions. With AI intelligence at its core, the AI Test Solution (ART) substitutes traditional manual labor to enhance testing efficiency through automation. ART not only addresses the time constraints of manual testing but also satisfies the need for uninterrupted testing operations. Moreover, it reduces human errors significantly, ensuring higher testing precision and consistency. By assisting you in ensuring product quality and performance in a fast, efficient, and comprehensive manner, ART enhances the user experience further.

Tier 1 Suppliers: Automated Testing for IVI System & Dashboard

Tailored for Tier 1 suppliers, the Test Bench is a testing solution designed for automotive electronic components such as in-vehicle infotainment system and dashboards. With the automated testing capabilities of the Test Bench, you can conduct functional tests, interoperability tests, and other relevant tests to ensure product quality and performance.

OEM Manufacturers: Whole-Vehicle Testing Solution

For OEM manufacturers, we have presented a “Whole-Vehicle Testing Solution” specifically for various systems within the smart cockpit, including infotainment, air conditioning, steering wheel, and rear seat entertainment systems. We assist OEM manufacturers in conducting scenario tests that closely replicate users’ real-world vehicle operation environments to ensure the stability, reliability, and interoperability of in-car systems.

To meet whole-vehicle testing requirements, Allion has developed an “In-Car Robot Stand” with adjustable supports, allowing precise positioning of robotic arms inside the smart cockpit. By simulating various real-world usage scenarios and operating environments, Allion can assist you achieve whole-vehicle test automation to effectively evaluate vehicle performance and quality, enhancing product competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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Application Case 1: In-Vehicle Infotainment System

ART can be used for validating functions related to the in-vehicle infotainment systems, enabling 24/7 automated testing services. This provides customers with faster, easier, and better-quality validation.

  • Functionality Test
  • Phone Interoperability Test
  • User Scenarios Test
  • Stress & Reliability Test

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Application Case 2: Rear Seat Entertainment System

For testing the requirements of in-vehicle rear seat entertainment systems, ART can support OTA update regression testing so that systems across various models can achieve validation simultaneously within a short period.

  • Daily Smoke Test
  • Weekly Build Regression Test
  • Monthly OTA Test
  • Long Run Stability Test

Application Case 3: Driver System Human-Machine Interface Verification

By integrating signal-controlled ECU, ART can provide automated operation and information confirmation for in-vehicle human-machine interfaces.

  • ECU-driven LED indicators (e.g., brakes, turn signals, fuel, mileage, and ADAS indicators)
  • Verifying the accuracy and positioning of displayed information through intelligent automated image recognition technology.
  • Vehicle manufacturers and developers can efficiently, repeatedly, and over extended periods use Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) methods for validating the performance and reliability of in-vehicle systems like HUD and ADAS.

Your Reliable Validation Expert

Allion has been providing consulting and test services in the IT industry for 30 years. We have built a database with over 10 million real-world test results and created automotive test solutions for different system layers. Through AI and automation, Allion provides customers with a complete range of automotive solutions for head units and automotive products, enhancing the quality of our client’s products.

As a pioneer and market leader in the testing industry, Allion works closely with international associations to bring the newest industry standards to our clients. In our cooperation with prestigious automakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, and Mazda, we optimize our test processes while innovating new capabilities and technologies.

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