Each stage of the product development process is closely linked. If it’s not properly planned out, you’ll likely cause delays in the schedule that increase costs and overall losses. Allion’s design consulting service is the best choice for you, as we provide design reviews, issue debugging, and logo certification consulting. We can help you complete your product development schedule on time.


Design and development for electronic products are generally divided into three stages, namely EVT (Engineering Verification Test), DVT (Design Verification Test), and PVT (Production Verification Test).

Allion can provide complete design consulting services for each stage. The following figure shows the consulting we provide for cable/connector products. First, we conduct a simulated certification in the design and development stage, then propose revision suggestions so the designs can meet the product specifications. In the development and production stage, standard logo certification and high-frequency fixture testing are carried out to ensure products can operate correctly after mass production.

Potential Risks

During product development, the schedule is often delayed due to various reasons. With more than 30 years of experience, Allion can provide product design suggestions and professional consultation to assist customers during the certification process, solving problems early and quickly. This way our clients can complete their product development plan according to their schedule.

During our design review service, we first discuss with our client and define the level of importance of each problem. Then each problem will be given a priority level, allowing each problem to receive the appropriate amount of attention and resources. The following are some examples of risk assessment:

  • Rank A: The product is returned by a consumer/the product cannot be shipped
  • Rank B: Complaints from consumers (no returns)
  • Rank C: Consumers will not find out about this problem, but it will affect production and shipping
  • Rank D: This problem doesn’t affect production or shipping

Case Studies

Risk assessment: Rank A (the product did not pass the USB logo certification test)

Host Micro USB High-Speed Eye Test

This test failed in MTP (+Debug), PTP (+Debug), and Tethering (+Debug) modes.


1. We found a T-Stub issue in the Micro USB design after checking the circuit design provided by Hampoo, in which the differential pairs violated the standard design specifications

2. We adjusted the resistance value from 0 ohm to 510 so the product could have the result shown in the figure below, passing the test.


Allion provides clients with faster, easier, and better design consulting services for product development.

Our design review is a part of the inspection process based on product specifications, power supply design, chip supplier suggestions, protection requirements, experience, and special requirements of our clients. This helps our clients during the product development stage to discover potential problems earlier. After getting results from the inspection, a risk assessment is provided for the entire project.

Issue debugging can take care of our client’s needs, no matter how urgent, requiring internal engineers on standby for analysis, testing, and equipment handling. This allows us to solve our client’s problems as fast as possible.

Logo certification consulting provides our clients with consultation and suggestions on the issues encountered during logo certification and application.

Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted Design Consultant


With industry-leading high-frequency and high-speed measuring capabilities, no matter what the product stage is, Allion is able to help our clients further accelerate the product testing cycle for various standard or special specifications.

  • Design consulting solves potential risks and problems the product could have, allowing the product to be developed on schedule.


By implementing AI and automation solutions, Allion ensures that every test is “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible”, helping our clients to improve product performance in a more efficiently.

  • With rich experience in different fields and a complete set of testing equipment, Allion’s design consulting service not only lets our clients understand the status of the product’s current development but also efficiently completes the development process.


With more than 30 years of expertise, specialized technical team, and comprehensive testing environments and equipment, Allion is committed to providing clients with more improved quality of service based on extensive experience in User Scenario Testing.

  • Allion has an entire team of research and development engineers equipped with decades of experience in product development for PCs and consumer electronics, as well as technical engineers who are a part of various international associations. Our professional team can provide modification suggestions to your products and apply them according to various international associations during development. This can further enhance the product’s quality while complying with various international standards.


Allion’s design consulting service can help clients create high-quality reliable products for their consumers, allowing buyers to purchase their ideal products. We can help you improve the competitiveness of your products, increase brand trust, and expand your market capabilities. For more information or to discuss consulting needs, please contact Allion.