Sensor Fusion Validation

Sensors are widely used to pilot various technology subsets, like wearable gadgets, mobile phones, and countless smart devices. Being the heart of so many smart devices, sensors must undergo meticulous validation and verification processes to deliver the best performance.  Find out how Allion’s Sensor Fusion Validation can help.

Sensor Issues in Real-Life Scenarios

  • Sport Performance:
    Inaccuracies of pedometers and other sensors can cause users to underestimate their jogging, walking, or swimming performance.
  • Latencies in Gaming:
    Latency issues cause user frustration especially during gaming.
  • Health Monitoring:
    Inaccurate detections of health conditions can potentially lead to dangerous consequences.

Benefits of Sensor Fusion Validation

Unlike traditional validations, this Library takes scenarios into consideration to mitigate user issues. With the adoption of AI-driven tools and automation tests, we can re-create user scenarios and obtain a huge database to figure out potential risks.

Test Targets

Any device with sensors can be verified for its quality and performance with Allion Sensor Fusion Validation Library.

Since huge growth is seen in wearable technologies, Allion has launched the Smart Wearable Test Lab to offer vendors a smarter way to verify their wearable gadgets.

Fusion Sensor Validation Library: A Smart Test for Smart Wearables

Sensor Fusion Validation Library, or in short as the Motion Library, is a database that stores rich motion patterns, which are simulations of user-behaviors under different scenarios. This Library is helpful when it comes to testing smart devices driven by sensors, as it allows us to engage in customized scenario tests.

  • Wearable Sensor Stability – How consistent and stable the sensors are
  • Fusion Algorithm – Is the device delivering exceptional user-experience?

Allion provides consultancy starting at the developmental stage, and with the Motion Library, Interoperability Test, and Reliability Test, we can help manufacturers all the way to the performance tests of their end products:

  1. AI-Driven Motion Simulation Test
    Motion Pattern and Motion Simulation Test: We create the scenarios so you don’t have to. With our AI tools and 5 motion categories, we have scenarios like running, arm swinging, walking to imitate how a user would wear and utilize a device when engaging in sports and various activities. With these simulations we can engage in repetitive and consistent AI automation tests, which allow us to collect huge data in a very short time.
  2. Interoperability Test
    For a device to have its optimal performance, connecting with other devices is equally important. Allion ensures that your device has seamless connections with all devices in the ecosystem.
  3. Reliability Test
    Our test chambers are designed to perform reliability tests, which are essential for wearable devices as many are designed for outdoor sports and interactive gaming. It is essential to get them tested in different environmental simulations.

All of the tests mentioned above can be customized based on the applications and specifications of your products. If you have sensor testing needs or questions, please feel free to fill out a contact form or contact us at