The Unending Need for Storage in the Cloud Services Era

In the past decade, cloud service providers have been one of the most popular services in the world. Cloud storage, video streaming, social networking, and others all need large amounts of data to be processed every day. To meet the growing demands of consumers, expanding storage capacity is a very common issue. Therefore, the performance of storage servers in data centers is crucial.

Data storage can be divided into hot data and cold data. Hot data tends to be stored in solid-state drives (SSD), while cold data is stored in hard disks (HDD). As hot data turns into cold data after a while, storage servers that store cold data will continue to increase.

How Long-Term Vibrations Affect Storage Server Performance?


How Long-Term Vibrations Affect Storage Server Performance?

Due to hard disks utilizing disk rotation and using disk read-and-write heads to process data, storage servers are sensitive to vibration. If there is too much vibration, it could affect the performance of the server. In more serious cases, it could even damage the head or the disc. There are three main issues that cause long-term vibration stress:

.Noise vibrations generated by cooling fans

.Physical vibrations generated by the cooling fans

.Physical vibrations generated by the hard drive itself


Two experiences were conducted below. One observed how noise impacted the throughput of the hard drives. The other measured the performance of the hard drive under various usage scenarios. Both have results that point to fans affecting hard drive performance.

Experiment 1: How noise impacts throughput


Experiment 2: Measuring performance under various usage scenarios


Allion Server Validation – Key Component / Device Quality Test

Every component and device in the server should go through strict quality control to meet specifications and performance requirements. Allion has always been deeply involved in the IT industry, accumulating more than 30 years of testing and verification experience. We provide comprehensive customized solutions for issues like fans and vibrations.


Fan Test

  • Reliability test: During this test, we use long-term temperature and humidity cycles with other situational simulations (for example, fan speeds, battery cycles, and more) to verify the reliability of the cooling fan. The verification process also includes routine fan disassembly to assess the condition of each component.
  • Noise test: During this test, we use an anechoic chamber to measure the fan noise at different fan speeds, providing a reference for manufacturers with designing the internals of the server.
  • Airflow test: we use a machine to measure wind pressure and airflow (P-Q curve), which allows our clients to choose fan specifications with the best heat dissipation capabilities.


Vibration Test

  • Here we adjust the fan speeds according to each usage scenario, measure throughput performance, and the impact of vibrations.
  • We use a vibration testing machine to simulate vibrations that occur in usage environments. This helps determine whether the server can function properly in various environments and whether it will be damaged.


Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted Testing Consultant

Allion is deeply rooted in the IT industry and we have accumulated over 30 years of testing and certification experience. We’ve established a large database of millions of verification data. Through comprehensive intelligent testing suggestions and analysis, Allion can bring high-frequency and high-speed cable & connector related clients with a full range of testing solutions, assisting them to achieve strict product quality control, and provide a faster, easier and better integrated consulting services and solutions.



Allion has a variety of testing equipment and instruments such as acoustic test Chamber, anechoic test chamber, wind turbines, vibration testing machines, and more. These are all available to help our clients speed up their verification process.



With decades of testing experience, we can design user scenarios and verification simulations according to the needs of each client. This enables products to undergo rigorous testing and validation in scenarios closely resembling real-world usage.



When potential product-related risks are detected, Allion can immediately help them understand the possible causes. Additionally, we can provide debugging support and suggested solutions to help our clients make faster decisions and solve problems more efficiently.

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If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services related to the server ecosystem, please feel free to explore the following services or contact us easily.


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