The Era of Server Diversified Application Services Has Officially Arrived!

Digitization and data demands are increasing exponentially, resulting in the server industry’s continuous growth and various services such as cloud computing, AI, big data analysis, IoT, blockchain, and more. As more of these services are launched, servers such as pure computing AI servers, storage servers, hybrid servers, and edge servers need to evolve to cope with the growth.

Prevent Potential Risks to Reduce Losses in the Future

Application service providers will generally choose the appropriate server specifications according to their service type. However, it’s hard to be sure whether the performance and stability of the server are actually what they promise. It’s also unpredictable whether issues will occur due to the environment the server is in, such as temperature, vibration, and others. If there are risks such as poor performance, unstable operation, or reliability issues that result in hardware failure, it will inevitably lead to loss of brand image and revenue.

Sometimes when an issue is discovered after a server has been running for a long time, you may find hardware issues. When you look to the server supplier for help and find that they no longer make the same product and cannot provide assistance, this may lead to some trouble. This is why suppliers need to invest more time looking for resources to solve issues. If these issues aren’t solved, there could be huge losses for service providers or buyers, especially if the server hardware requires a recall and rework.

Simulating User Scenarios to Prevent Potential Risks

Allion can provide user scenario simulations to verify whether there are potential risks before the server is shipped to the buyers, effectively reducing the risk of issues occurring after purchase. The examples below show user scenario simulation tests to verify the performance and stability of server products.

  1. MySQL Database workload simulation
  2. MS SQL OLTP workload simulation
  3. File Server workload simulation
  4. Virtualization System workload simulation
  5. Virtualization Application workload simulation

The user scenario simulation can verify the performance and stability of servers. When combined with specific environmental conditions such as high/low temperatures, temperature changes, or vibrations, we can effectively simulate the scenario after purchasing servers. Product reliability risks can also be solved with this testing method. Allion has a walk-in temperature chamber capable of a heat load of 65KW, three 48U racks for simultaneous testing, and a multi-use temperature humidity testing machine with a temperature range of -100°C to 200°C and a maximum vibration level that reaches 70 GRMS for smaller numbers of server simulations. These types of testing equipment can allow us to customize all types of environmental conditions.

Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted Testing Consultant

Allion has various user scenario simulation tests and decades of testing experience, helping clients confirm product quality before shipment and reduce issues after shipment. Here are some more advantages:


Allion has a complete range of testing equipment and testing environments. In addition to the two machines mentioned above, there are also various temperature chambers, thermal shock machines, vibration machines, drop machines, and more.


Allion can assist clients with designing customized user scenario simulations. Special application services and environments can be created and used for product verification.


When an issue is found, we can assist clients by analyzing the problem and confirming the potential causes of it. Allion has a complete range of testing equipment to provide debugging support that can help our clients solve issues efficiently.


If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services related to the server ecosystem, please feel free to explore the following services online or contact us through the online form.