In this day and age, major corporations are all releasing products with similar functions. With this in mind, how do companies differentiate their products? To build a popular product, brands must ensure product quality, function, design, and continuous maintenance of UX.

The success of the IPhone and IPad has caused more companies to turn their attention to the user experience (UX) design of their products. In recent years, UX has become an indispensable part of product development, increasing company product users. Many brands even utilize UX design in the context of user scenarios to find problems in their products, building a stronger foundation for a successful product.

UX involves the following four key points:

  • Out-of-the-box experience
  • Operational experience
  • Functionality and interoperability experience
  • Unexpected operation and error recovery experience

* The following example uses an USB external DVD drive as an example in order to explain the key components of UX.

Out-of-the-box experience

  1. Is the basic information of the packaging, labels, accessories, documents, and product clear and correct?
  2. Does the product packaging and packaging material design meet the environmental protection label specifications? And is it easy to use/remove?
  3. Does the product packaging feel good in the hands? As a general rule, products with sharp edges and corners tend to hurt users’ hands.
  4. Does the product conform to the information on the label and guide?

Operation experience

  1. Is software and hardware installation convenient and practical?
  2. Does the product vibrate too much? Are there any unusual sounds during operation?
  3. Is the temperature of the product too high during operation?
  4. Does the product run smoothly when the drive tray opens and closes?
  5. Is the disk inserted or removed from the drive tray smoothly?
  6. Does the product run smoothly after a long period of operation?

Functionality and Interoperability Experience

  1. Can the disk drive read or write different types of optical disk sources?
  2. Do different operating systems function properly?
  3. Is listening at maximum volume of standard quality for the user?

Unexpected operation and error recovery experience

  1. During an unexpected operation interruption, can the disk drive still operate normally?
  2. Can the disk tray be turned on without power?
  3. Is disk fault tolerance within normal range?

Nowadays, UX product design is extensive, covering everything from software, hardware, and even webpages. Different product types can yield different parts of UX.

Take the Next Step

If you need more fundamentals on UX design, feel free to see UX Design: What it is and How to Improve it.

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