AI Internationalization (i18n) Testing

Allion provides AI solutions for internationalization (i18n) testing. Such testing service is designed in response to coding systems developed in various languages and regions. Not only can it meet different demands and test case requirements, but it can check lexical and language datasets on a massive scale.


For Internationalized/Multilingual Products, Challenges Are Waiting Ahead

Nowadays, most high-tech products, such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, PCs, and TVs, support multiple languages. It takes great effort to make sure that 100% of all multilingual content is shown correctly in software or app of these products. Since no one is familiar with every existing language, vendors may encounter difficult issues caused by language diversity, language complexity, diverse writing system, and inconsistent human judgement.

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Choose Allion for a Better i18n Testing Experience

Multi-language design is a must for products launched on a global scale. To fulfill your multi-language validation needs, Allion provides AI solutions with optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. Based on the corresponding language interfaces in different regions, Allion AI solutions can ensure the accuracy of text and numeric data shown in your products.

Three Major Features of Allion AI Solutions for Internationalization (i18n) Testing

Allion AI solutions for i18n testing  combines optical character recognition (OCR) with deep learning technologies. The solutions also include automation testing of diverse application scenarios and  facilitate debugging processes with absolute consistency. By implementing Allion AI solutions, you can enjoy the best testing experience featuring visual recognition, real-time verification, and powerful language database.

Visual Recognition Using AI

High Accuracy

Allion AI solutions can correctly identify 99% of language issues, such as spelling and syntax errors.

High Reproducibility

Allion AI solutions can reproduce the scenarios/ conditions upon which the original bug or error occurred.

Detailed Real-Time Records

Allion provides complete real-time test progress, detailed test records, and causes of errors.

Work Beyond Human Limitation

AI testing solutions will not be affected by working or physical conditions. For instance, human engineers might have eye discomfort after looking at screens over a long period of time.

24/7 Real-time Verification

High Efficiency

Allion AI solutions can reduce testing time, helping vendors get test data and test results much faster.

Round-the-clock Testing Service

Allion AI solutions provide you with instant feedback whenever you need.

Powerful Language Database

Large-scale Deep Learning Technologies

Test data can be accumulated and trained in the visual recognition database. The trained data can be a future reference for detecting and debugging language errors in all types of products.

World-wide Applicability

Allion AI solutions can be applied to classification and identification of enormous language resources.

Comprehensive Scope of i18n Testing Services

No matter what size of your product is, Allion AI testing solutions are sure to perfect the accuracy of the multilingual UI for your internationalized products.