In the previous article, we discussed how data processing has become more demanding and the volume of data increasing. This has accelerated the growth of memory module speed and capacity. The DDR4 memory announced by JEDEC has the highest specifications, reaching DDR4-3200. The capacity of a single DDR4 memory module has also been upgraded to 256 GB.

As the speed and capacity of memory DIMM modules increase, their reliability becomes increasingly important. If a product is unreliable, it could cause a computer to crash and damage the data.

To conduct product verification regarding reliability, detecting functional errors, AC/DC parameter errors, and finding issues that occur when the memory DIMM module is used with an entire system. Most system failures are caused by timing compatibility issues between the system chipset and the memory modules. Usually, the memory DIMM module failure will occur during system startup or when performing heavy calculations.

Finding issues between the memory DIMM module and the system requires a lot of testing equipment and manpower. Memory module manufacturers need to find functionality issues and AC/DC parameter errors effectively and efficiently.

Allion has the TURBOCATs TCIII-3200ST memory DIMM module verification platform made by TurboCATS, a well-known memory DIMM module testing product manufacturer, to verify functional errors and AC/DC parameter errors in memory DIMM modules. This machine can provide memory DIMM module manufacturers or computer system manufacturers with a reliable, accurate, and efficient verification test.

Please refer to the table below for DDR4 memory module specifications that are supported by the TURBOCATs TCIII-3200ST.


The table below shows the main test patterns of the TURBOCATs TCIII-3200ST.

In addition to the items mentioned above, the TURBOCATs TCIII-3200ST can also be used together with a dedicated memory DIMM module thermal chamber to verify the memory DIMM module under different temperatures, ensuring stable performance in different environments such as laptops, desktops, servers, high-temperature environments, low-temperature environments, and more.

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