Multiple CE-Link cables have successfully acquired the certification of USB Type-C Connectors and Cable Assemblies Compliance Document Revision 2.1b at Allion Labs. The cables are given the USB-IF Global Pass and listed on the Product Search and Integrator’s List as TID 7091, TID 7271, and TID 7392. CE-Link is now one of the world’s first manufacturers to obtain the 240W, 20Gbps & 240W, and 40Gbps & 240W Combined Performance and Power Logo (PD3.1 EPR) Certifications at once.

The certification tests were performed by Allion Labs. Based on the industry-leading expertise, Allion is the ideal testing partner for design development, production management, and compliance certifications.

CE-Link Cable (TID 7091)

Marketing Name: USB 2.0 USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable 5A 2M 240W(EPR) With E-Mark

Model Number: U2-CC-5A2M-E

CE-Link Cable (TID 7271)

Marketing Name: USB4 USB Type-C To USB Type-C Cable Assembly Gen2 2M 5A 240W(EPR) With E-Mark

Model Number: U4-CC-5A2M-E

CE-Link Cable (TID 7392)

Marketing Name: USB4 Type-C To Type-C Cable Assembly Gen3 1M 5A 240W(EPR) With E-Mark

Model Number: U4-CC-5A1M-E

The Allion and CE-Link joint collaboration allowed for the CE-Link cables TID 7091, TID 7271, and TID 7392 to pass the certification tests efficiently. Allion is proud to witness the success of these cable products and is thrilled to assist CE-Link in bringing high-quality cable products to the global market.

As a trusted partner, Allion works closely with USB-IF in the drafting of USB4 and USB Type-C specifications and testing requirements, while offering first-hand updates to vendors. Allion currently provides all USB product certifications, including host, device, peripherals, cable assemblies, connectors, and power delivery.

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