As a leading engineering validation & consulting company, Allion Labs, Inc.(Allion) has officially announced that it has become one of the first-wave authorized test laboratories (ATL) for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program recognized by Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA). Allion now provides complete 802.11ac technical consulting and certification services. Related companies in the industry are able to contact with Allion’s worldwide branches to enjoy our real-time and well-rounded services, which would fulfill companies’ multi-angle certification requests.

Established by IEEE, the new generation of 802.11ac is able to transmit data with over 1 Gbps rate and support up to 160 MHz channel bandwidth, which is 3-time faster than 802.11n. Since many wireless devices share the frequency of 2.4 GHz, 802.11ac adopts 5 GHz bandwidth to effectively avoid interference while maintaining stable transmission performance at the same time. Besides, unlike 802.11n that can only provide up to 4 spatial streams, 802.11ac has more than double the freedom of channel usability, offering up to 8 spatial streams which would further improve the efficiency and quality of wireless communication system.

IEEE 802.11ac further supports multi-user MIMO, allowing Access Point (AP) to transmit and receive independent data streams simultaneously to several Wireless Stations, solving the problem of crowded channel between devices. Moreover, 802.11ac has higher‐order modulation–up to 256 Qam, enhancing the advanced ability of signal processing and anti-noise efficiency.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program is a program launched by WFA; the goal is to make sure products adopting 802.11ac technology conform to WFA’s specification and able to provide excellent user experience. As WFA ATL for many years, Allion is equipped with state-of-the-art testing environment and is well-experienced in Wi-Fi standard compliance. We have independent Wi-Fi certification team formed by numbers of senior project manager and professional engineers, assisting clients from test plan/schedule preparation, actual test execution, problem debugging/ issue identification to test results review. With Allion’s customized and professional services, we are confident of helping our clients, improving product’s time to market with low cost and economies of scale.

Aside from the latest Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program, Allion provides the most integrated new Wi-Fi certification programs, including new certification programs such as WPA2™ with Protected Management Frames (PMF), Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Passpoint, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ IBSS with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™. Additionally, Allion is capable of executing debugging analysis for device’s performance, usability and interoperability for networking devices, along with other mainstream technical standard compliance like Thunderbolt, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB, providing one-stop services to our clients. For more information about Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac, please refer to its home page™-ac. For the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program and other technical support please refer to our website or contact Allion at

*Allion Labs, Inc. (Taiwan) is the Wi-Fi Alliance Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL). The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac certification testing will be performed by Allion Taiwan ATL.

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