Digital Content Protection, LLC (DCP, LLC), supported by Intel Corp., has officially announced that Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) in Taiwan, Japan and Shenzhen, China have become Authorized Test Centers (ATC) for MHL HDCP, providing MHL standard HDCP certification testing and technical consultation services. Starting now, Allion is able to provide real-time services and prompt local assistance through authorized facilities.


High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), launched by DCP, LLC, is a standard developed to protect digital entertainment content such as digital motion pictures and audio from unauthorized interception and copying when traveling across different interfaces. When user wants to play material that is protected by HDCP, both transmitter and receiver should be HDCP certified, in case of lower resolution formatting or playback error occurs. As the ATC for many global standard associations, Allion not only provides HDCP certification aimed at protecting MHL digital content, but also has the capability to perform the certification testing for MHL, DisplayPort, and HDMI specifications, ensuring interoperability and compatibility among mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, high-definition TVs, displays and other home entertainment products.


Aside from the integrated MHL HDCP Certification service, Allion further delivers functionality and compatibility performance testing and debugging analysis for DUT such as portable devices, TVs, DVD players and video signal transmitters/receivers, helping your products to fully adopt MHL specs and be compatible with corresponding devices on the market without any interoperability problems. Furthermore, with the grand opening of our newly-established Cable & Connector Testing Center, we are now capable of performing all these major validation categories such as high-frequency signal, mechanical characteristic, electrical characteristic, and environmental change testings on MHL cables and connectors, which ensures the quality of clients’ valuable products, saves the cost of development and design, and improves a product’s time to market. For further information regarding this program, please contact Allion at for a prompt response.

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