Having a long and tight cooperative partnership with IT standard associations all over the world, Allion (Allion Test Labs, Inc) is recently empowered with another new mission. Certified by DCP, LLC(Digital Content Protection, LLC), Allion Shenzhen facility is now the HDCP Authorized Test Center(ATC) of both HDMI and DisplayPort Compliance Programs. Starting immediately, vendor applicants can flexibly submit their application to the nearest test location for the HDCP Compliance Test.

HDCP(High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection)is a technical standard developed to protect digital entertainment content across different interfaces. With HDCP, the audio and high-definition video content can be protected from unauthorized interception and duplication. The purpose of HDCP Compliance Test is to help verify if the compliant products can meet the required test claims. As the HDCP Compliance Test turns mandatory and is implemented into HDMI and DP standards, that is to say, products embedded with above-mentioned interfaces must be able to conform to the HDCP specification and pass its compliance program.

As a world-class third party test laboratory, Allion is always the one to bridge communication among standard associations and product manufacturers. It is also the technical expert to support vendors in every single product development stage. With years of dedication and experience in product validation, Allion has stabilized its position for prominent service quality. 
Allion is the world’s only authorized test facility for both HDMI HDCP and DisplayPort HDCP Compliant Test. For further information or any technical inquiries, please contact Allion at service@allion.com.

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