As of October 13, 2021, Allion Labs became an Avnu Alliance Recognized Test Facility capable of offering testing and consulting services of Avnu Advanced Certification Program. Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a collection of standards specified in IEEE 802.1 to guarantee the data transmission with bounded latency and reserved bandwidth. The Avnu Alliance, a community facilitating a new certified networking ecosystem and simplifying network synchronization through TSN standards, launches its latest advanced certification program to scale testing capacity to meet vendors’ demands worldwide.

This designation of the Avnu Recognized Test Facility enables Allion Labs to offer the certification testing to help manufacturers ensure the products are compliant with Avnu standards while reducing the lead time. Besides, since Allion is officially accredited to conduct tests for over 30 industry standards, Allion can satisfy various testing needs by providing one-stop validating and engineering services.

“We are very glad to announce that Allion Labs has been approved as an Avnu Recognized Test Facility. We believe that TSN technology will bring new developments and real breakthroughs across automotive, industrial and professional audio-video industries,” said Brian Shih, Allion Labs’s CTO. “The Avnu Alliance certification is certainly going to be a must-get mark for TSN and Milan standards-based devices. Allion has been working closely with the Avnu Alliance and getting ready for the first wave of Avnu Advanced Certification Program to address the testing needs in the ever-growing ecosystem.”

Allion is one of the world’s first Avnu Recognized Test Facilities to provide Avnu advanced certification testing for Milan devices. In addition to assisting product developers to acquire the Avnu Alliance certification faster, Allion can provide a variety of testing, consulting, and customized verifications based on the rich testing experience that is trusted by many international standards associations. For more information on Avnu advanced certification testing, please contact:

About Allion Labs

Founded in 1991, Allion has accumulated over 30 years of testing experience. Headquartered in Taiwan with branches in the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, and South Korea, we are able to provide convenient, top-quality services wherever vendors are.

Allion offers professional services in research, design, quality, and production. Our services include standard certification and compliance testing, product ecosystem scenario testing, test fixture design, and IIoT solutions.

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