Allion Taipei and Shenzhen Labs now offer HDR10+ Certifications services and consultancy.

Allion Japan was accredited to be one of the first HDR10+ Test Labs in 2018, and has provided services for world-leading brands such as Panasonic and Samsung to obtain their HDR10+ Certifications. Now, the Certification Program is also available at Taipei and Shenzhen Labs.

Instead of static metadata, HDR10+ uses dynamic metadata which allows a frame-to-frame adjustment on brightness, contrast, and color saturation, delivering vivid images.

Allion Labs offers HDR10+ Certifications for the following devices:
1. HDR Display (i.e. 4k TV),
2. UHD Blu-ray players
3. Mobile Devices that support HDR10+

Allion Labs Taipei and Shenzhen also offer certification services and consultancy for DisplayHDR.

For more information regarding HDR10+, please contact or go to

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