As the only Accredited Test House of the HomeGrid Forum (HGF) based in Asia, Allion will cooperate with HGF to hold a certification test event at Allion Shanghai Office of China, through November 7th to the 9th.

The event aims to provide HGF members an opportunity to perform testing on devices, which capable of  transmitting signals with high speed via wired networking, such as power lines, coaxial cables and telephones lines. Allion will provide on-site support of technical consulting, validation testing and any other assistance with certification process.

To build a smart living infrastructure requires smart connectivity technology. technology possesses the features for easy arrangement of wires and stability. Also it does not rely on or interfere with existing home networking technology. Allion is proud to contribute our capability to drive smart connectivity technology forward to a brighter future. To learn more details about certification and HomeGrid Forum, please refer to our HomeGrid Forum certification website.


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