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OpenSyncTM is the only open-source software-defined networking framework that reliably and dynamically delivers and modifies programmable services at scale in CPEs (Communication Service Providers) and consumer networking devices. It enables the provision of dependable, secure, high-performance, and user-friendly wireless network environment and seamlessly operates across diverse devices and software platforms.

Allion Labs, an authorized testing laboratory (AVL) officially designated by OpenSync, has been instrumental in assisting multiple vendors in obtaining OpenSync certification. The company consistently upholds a service-oriented approach to ensure that products comply with OpenSync specifications.

OpenSync 5.6 New Features Overview

In November 2023, the latest OpenSync 5.6 version was introduced with a host of new features, focusing on the application of new technologies, support for new platforms, and enhanced management capabilities tailored to the needs of network operators. The detailed functionalities include:

  • Linux SDN (bridge and router mode)
  • WiFi 7 – Preamble Puncturing
  • OpenSync BUS
  • Steer WiFi clients before disabling access point
  • OpenThread Border Router support
  • Report maximal number of access point per radio
  • Dynamic Hitless Topology Change
  • IPv6 Passthrough Support (IPv6+)
  • 5G monitoring
  • Multiple Captive Portal for different SSID’s
  • MAP-T and MAP-E support
  • NAT Loopback / Hairpinning
  • FSM: Implement DPI client plugins to replace legacy parsers

OSFRV 3.5 Version New Features

With the launch of OpenSync 5.6, the OpenSync-certified version has also been upgraded from OSFRV 3.4 to 3.5. Apart from supporting more features, it addresses errors in the previous 3.4 version, primarily aiming to enhance service quality and stability for end-user connections.
The added verification items include:

  • Improved framework stability
  • Additional IPv6 only test cases
  • Additional Guard 2.0 test cases
  • Additional Wifi 6e test cases
  • New App prioritization test cases
  • New SIP-ALG test cases

These new features will undergo verification within the OpenSync certification scope outlined below: 

  • Functional Testing (FRV)
  • Customer Experience Testing (CXT)
  • Security Testing (SEC)

Due to the substantial increase in testing items, from around 1,000 items in version 3.4 (including FRV, CXT, and Security) to over 1,600 items in version 3.5, an approximate growth of 1.6 times, the validation time has extended significantly. However, this ensures a higher level of product quality and performance.

OpenSync-Certified Products: The Preferred Choice for Network Operators

Over 80 CPE devices have been certified and supported by OpenSync, and it is anticipated that more devices will adopt the OpenSync framework in the future.
OpenSync stands out as the only open-source software defined by a network framework, delivering reliable, scalable, and programmable services while providing comprehensive and secure solutions. As a result, network operators, in their pursuit of improving service quality, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing user experience, are inclined to procure products certified through OpenSync.


Faster, Easier, Better!OpenSync Product Consulting Services

With a variety of network expertise, Allion supports our clients in bringing OpenSync products to market. To avoid potential risks and certification delays, Allion offers professional consulting services and is confident in expediting the certification process for your product in the shortest possible time.

Faster: During the early stage of product development (DVT), Allion provides pre-test services to confirm product quality. Through flexible scheduling and testing support, we expedite the product development and time to market.

Easier: Communicate directly via phone or communication software for status updates and issue clarification, reducing communication delays. Face-to-face discussions or on-site visits are also available for issue confirmation.

Better: Allion possesses expertise in certifications and verifications, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Matter, Thread, and BBF TR-398, offering robust technical support and optimization recommendations for user experiences. The Allion Smart Home in Taiwan and the United States replicates real home environments and is specifically designed for realistic simulations.

For more information on smart home consulting services or other wireless technology verification services, please feel free to contact us.

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