The risks you must know about smart TV

Smart TV can easily access popular streaming entertainment or music platforms such as Netflix and Youtube by connecting to the internet. This enriches the home life of consumers. Before enjoying the entertaining contents, when setting the connection of smart TV and wireless router, a large number of users would follow the suggested steps according to the TV. After they choose a router and enter password, they tend to choose automatic connection setup due to their lack of internet knowledge. However, in the present days of high frequency and high speed, this trivial design could indirectly reduce the wireless connection quality and transmission efficiency.

Connection of a smart TV and a Wi-Fi router
Connection of a smart TV and a Wi-Fi router

The reason for the problem we mentioned is that when a typical TV automatically connects, the ‘frequency band’ is usually preset to 2.4GHz as default. If there are many other wireless devices in the household also using the 2.4 GHz frequency band simultaneously, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart appliances, and various Bluetooth devices, or even household items like cordless phones and microwaves, it can easily lead to interference among devices within the same frequency band at 2.4 GHz. This, in turn, affects their connection quality.

In addition to the potential for mutual interference, frequency band congestion also means that the allocated bandwidth for each device decreases proportionally, resulting in slower transmission speeds. In severe cases, this can lead to buffering issues when streaming videos on a smart TV.

Wireless devices sharing the same frequency band

Multiple wireless devices affecting signal strength

In response to the user habits and potential design risks mentioned above, the Allion smart TV consultant team suggests that smart TV manufacturers focus on the following two aspects to ensure the quality of their products:

 1.Fundamental assurance of the engineering capability

In the early stages of TV product design, through Allion consultancy services, analyze the Wi-Fi module embedded in the TV for potential issues and risks in terms of basic capabilities at 2.4 / 5 GHz, and even 6 GHz. This helps prevent the discovery of irreparable major defects only after mass production or market release.

– Throughput & Interference Analysis

We establish a professional wireless signal testing environment and detection equipment to verify whether products meet the requirements for basic transmission capabilities and resistance to interference.

– Interoperability & Compatibility Analysis

Our company has long been attentive to new wireless standards and consistently procures Access Points (APs) from major brands on the market. Through hundreds of units of mainstream products, we can thoroughly validate whether your television product is compatible with the current major AP products in the market.

– Reliability Analysis

Utilizing our in-house developed automation tools, we can efficiently verify the reliability and stability of television products over extended periods or repetitive usage. This proactive approach allows us to detect potential major issues early on, thereby reducing the likelihood of customer complaints.

– Competitiveness Analysis

Engaging third-party testing labs to conduct product comparisons with competitors, to analyze strengths and weaknesses, and to confirm whether the current television product meets the expected market positioning and competitiveness.

 2. Smart assistance in soft skill

Today,the usability testing of the user interface is often overlooked in smart electronic products! Drawing from Allion’s experience of millions of consultancy projects and considering user experiences across various application ecosystems, we can provide objective and value-driven UI/UX consultancy suggestions tailored to your product. This includes design considerations for connectivity and response mechanisms for troubleshooting scenarios.

– UI/UX Design Consulting

Here, Allion lists some UX/UI design suggestions to a good smart TV Wi-Fi connection.

As many wireless routers now support dual-band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, and even Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz) frequency bands, now TV manufacturers can enhance the connection setup page to enable smart TVs to detect the available frequency bands and signal strength in the current wireless environment. Additionally, it can actively prompt users to connect using the faster 5 / 6 GHz frequency bands, ensuring the best possible connection quality between the TV and the wireless router.

This approach allows consumers to experience the intelligence of the new generation smart TV and receive thoughtful recommendations, helping them discover and effectively utilize the wireless environment and devices at home. Taking a user-centric perspective ensures that your smart product keeps pace with the times and aligns closely with user needs.

Faster, Easier, Better are what we believe, and also the Allion consultant team is capable.


Customers can quickly obtain development verification strategies based on their product characteristics and current situation. In addition, Allion continually invests in state-of-the-art instruments, facilities, and peripherals from leading brands in the market, saving customers a significant amount of time in constructing test environments and maintenance costs for testing equipment.


By implementing AI and automation solutions, it becomes possible to address projects that are typically challenging for humans to control or reach, such as high-speed, high-precision, and long-duration measurements. This approach ensures that each test is both ‘qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible,’ making it easier for customers to identify and solve issues, thereby enhancing product performance in a more efficient manner.


Allion has a professional technical team with extensive experience, understanding how to design user experience validation. By conducting tests in real-world usage scenarios, we ensure that your product performs optimally in practical applications. Additionally, our researchers continuously track market dynamics and analyze user feedback, enabling us to provide the most relevant ratings and feedback for the product based on market trends and consumer experiences.

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