Smart Campus: Learning Without Paper by Using Tablets for Teaching

In the digital teaching era where there are countless learning resources on the Internet, digital devices have become important tools for education. Teaching has now evolved from using traditional books to using electronic tablets, making learning more interesting and interactive in the classroom. Governments around the world have purchased tablets and are committed to increasing the proportion of usage of tablets in education to improve the overall quality of teaching.

Teachers and Students Often Complain that Tablets Fail to Project onto Bigger Screens

In the digital teaching process, the most common application of tablets is using projectors to project the display onto a bigger screen so students can share their results of learning. However, it was found after interviewing teachers and students that they often have issues with being unable to project the tablet’s screen onto a bigger one. The employees in charge of purchasing these tablets have claimed that more expensive brands have better stability for projection, but they were limited by their budget. Prices for tablets are varied and the number can differ up to 3 or 4 times. Buyers still have to strike a balance between the stability of the tablets and their budget, purchasing the best option for them. Although most tablets on the market have wireless projection functionalities, buyers often cannot evaluate the stability of this function, resulting in frequent issues during use.

Potential Issues and Solutions for Tablets

Wireless projection technology usually uses the source to transmit HD or Ultra HD 4K images to TVs or monitors. Photos or videos from smartphones, computers, or tablets can be displayed, supporting a variety of audio and video formats at the same time. Below are the two main methods for projection.

1.Wireless Projection Technology Authorized by the Wi-Fi Alliance

These products will be marked with Miracast and Wi-Fi certification logos. Miracast requires stricter latency standards, such as higher quality A/V performance and better A/V synchronization. Since tests provided by the alliance will also include compatibility testing with products from different manufacturers, these products usually have the highest quality, compatibility, and stability in terms of projection.

2. Only the Words “Wi-Fi Display”, “Wireless Sharing”, or “Wireless Mirror” are Marked

These products do not have Miracast certifications, yet consumers choose these products due to cost considerations. This means that there is a higher risk of projection failure.

In response to the potential issues mentioned above, Allion’s wireless projection consulting team provides the following services to test the projection capabilities of tablets.

1. Checking the Wireless Projection Communication Protocol

Checking the communication protocol is shown in the figure below. The orange box shows the connection function, and the purple box shows the wireless projection function. We will first check to see whether the correct wireless projection protocol is applied.

2. Compatibility Testing for Various Receivers

Allion’s testing laboratory has the most complete set of testing equipment in the industry, covering most mainstream display signal receiver products on the market. With it, we can conduct various interactive verification tests with the tablet and achieve the highest possible compatibility scores.

In addition, Allion can also provide consulting services regarding government and corporate procurement document writing such as formulation of tender product specifications and standards. This ensures the products meet our client’s needs and have stable quality.

Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted Wireless Projection Testing Consulting Service

Allion has accumulated decades of testing experience and can provide the best solutions for our clients. Below are the advantages of partnering with us.


Allion owns over 20 radio wave isolation rooms with wireless RF signal generators and wireless communication protocol analyzers. Our professional consulting team can help clients find hidden issues in their products, speeding up the development and debugging process.


As a Wi-Fi Alliance-certified laboratory, we are the only laboratory in the world that is authorized in every category. Simultaneously, we have a large collection of related products to provide our clients with comprehensive services for certifications and compatibility testing, improving their product’s performance more efficiently.


Once we find potential risks in our client’s products, we can immediately help them understand the possible causes. Afterward, debugging and suggested solutions are provided to help our clients make faster decisions and solve problems more efficiently.

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If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services, please feel free to explore the services online or contact us through the online form.