With the continued innovation of an improvement of IoT technology, wireless device providers have also developed various applications such as Wi-Fi smart controllers, Bluetooth® devices, 3G,4G and GPS devices. Allion has developed various testing solutions for clients to validate the performance, interoperability and to obtain logo certification of wireless devices to satisfy  user environment or work place requirements.


“Complete Wireless Performance and Validation Solution for Every Stage of Product Development ”

Allion has many years of experience in R&D and testing. Allion has also developed a wide variety of wireless performance and quality testing solutions, including the validation of components such as, antenna, and PCB Board in the EVT stage or the DVT stage, and full system integration testing, interoperability testing , standard certification and competitive analysis report in the final PVT stage. Through these professional tests and solutions, we are able to locate underlying issues and risks, which can be used as an important database for the revisal and version updates.


Three Main Product Types

  • Antenna
  • PCB Board
  • System


Four Main Testing Solutions for Wireless Devices:

1. RF Performance Test 

Allion has abundant wireless testing capacity; we are capable of testing existing communication technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, 2G/3G/4G, GPS. Depending on the RF requirements of manufacturers, Allion offers detailed and accurate evaluations on quality and performance of tested devices. Our step by step validation procedure assists and insures that manufacturers obtain the most complete testing validation and guarantee the performance and quality.

Testing Scope and items:

2. Comparative Analysis 

Regardless of your product type, Allion can customize the most comprehensive and suitable validation plan for your valuable product. The real product characteristics will be crystal-clear after our validation and detailed analysis.  We can help you select the most appropriate competitive candidates in your targeted market, or compare your product with products in a similar market position or with your own legacy products. Try Allion’s competitive analysis service to be more competitive!

For more information about Comparative Analysis, please see Comparative Analysis of 802.11ac Wireless Access Points


3. Interoperability Test 

During new product development, customized OS and firmware are keys to enhanced product performance.  Interoperability issues between targeted products and peripheral products are also primary concerns for end users. Allion provides basic compatibility testing of system/software and advanced interoperability testing which can reduce connection failure risks and customer complaints.


4.Standard Certification Testing 

Approved and acknowledged by a wide range of world- class compliance programs, Allion has demonstrated its superiority and reliability in testing. Allion maintains close relationships with over thirty (30+) industry standards alliances, so we can provide all the latest test information and services to our clients.