Product ID: AJSC-1

Announcement: HDMI SCDC/EDID Controller AJSC-1 Price Adjustment and Extended Delivery

Due to rising component costs and other related expenditures, the price of the HDMI SCDC/EDID Controller (AJSC-1) will be adjusted starting on July 1, 2022.

On account of the severe shortage of components and parts, the time of delivery for the AJSC-1 will also be extended. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have questions regarding the AJSC-1, please contact us directly at: service@allion.com

Product Summary

The Allion AJSC-1 is a SCDC/EDID Controller that was designed for the latest HDMI 2.1/1.4 source/sink compliance electrical testing. It is used for HDMI source/sink device testing with the aim of controlling and emulating HDMI 2.1/1.4 EDID, SCDC signals. As the AJSC-1 is compatible with test equipment from Tektronix and Keysight, it is truly an adaptable and multi-functional test device.

This test fixture can be managed through a serial interface using a terminal emulator software such as Tera Term. Windows-based GUI software is also available (see screenshot below).


It applies to all the HDMI products (Source/Sink).


  • Dimension: 82mm(W) X 29mm(H) X 81mm(D) (Case Only)
  • Weight: 120 g (AJSC-1 Only)

Latest Software(GUI) Download

Regarding the AJSC-1 software(GUI), please download via this page.

  • The latest version: 2.7.9 0913

About the password for protected zip file, please contact with aj_ajsc-1@allion.co.jp directly.

Key Feature

1.Two control modes: Master Mode/ Slave Mode (Sink and Source, please see the figure below):

・HPD and +5V Power input/output can automatically switch according to different modes
・This test fixture also has HPD and +5V Power control functionsality

2. Easy and Flexible to Edit Parameters

・Device kit includes software to assist users immediately read HPD, +5V Power, and Scramble status

・One-Click activation for Scramble function and also to simulate PC EDID file, e.g. binary files

3. Multiple Built-In EDIDs Preset

・Multiple built-in EDIDs for HDMI 2.1/1.4 electrical compliance testing, including DVI to 6G support
・For Source DUT, making it it is easier to output expected video format
・Easy to load and customize your EDID file

4. Light, Small, Easy to Use

・Power supplied viaby USB port, without the need of external (5V) power supply
・Connect to PC or Oscilloscope viaby USB cable, and choose between a numbers of operation modes to begin without any complex setup