In this fast-changing world, individuals and companies are all looking for ways to adopt and implement new technologies to boost the performance of their works. To achieve this goal, we must be able to swiftly reorganize teams and re-implement solutions. “Agility” is what we need in order to outrun other competitors in the crowded market.

Many are calling Industrial IoT the next industrial revolution. According to Industry Global News 24, more than 67% of manufacturers are implementing smart technologies onto their businesses. In fact, smart technologies applications are not only integrating the scattered nodes in the organizations, they are also collecting and sorting data, enabling businesses to engage in in-depth analysis and to reinforce their products and services based on meaningful data.

Agility & Automation
In addition to boosting the efficiency of business operations, the implementation of smart technologies is essential in delivering decent user experiences, which to achieve, requires businesses to be agile and adaptive. They will have to remodify their existing management and consider enhancing their works through the following modifications:

  • Process Optimization- Adopt smart technologies, robots, and automation to increase the overall work efficiency and productivity
  • Embracing New Technologies – Track product and service quality with AI-driven technologies instead of manual labor
  • Transparent Information – Detailed information through logistics, supply chains…etc.
  • Adopting Cloud Platform – Collect data and analyze them to make decisions and manage risks

In this era of industrial 4.0, what is important to keep in mind is that we are not only tackling the existing issues, but we are also creating a system that is strong yet resilient enough to handle the problems that await us in the distant future.

The challenges of adopting IoT
How do we bring the ideal IoT networks into reality? One of the biggest challenges that vendors face is “where to start”. We all know that the goal of implementing IoT technologies is to get more comprehensive monitoring of our businesses and to enhance the overall work efficiency. A lot of work needs to be done in order to reach this goal, such as implementing automation, a communicating network, and a platform that users can see the overall performance of their business operations.

The key to a successful transformation lies within customization, and it is challenging to build a solution that can fully meet all requirements. First, most businesses do not have the time to engage in large-scale transform, or they simply do not have the resources, workforce, and technical-wise, to start from scratch.

 A customizable IIoT Solution for your use case
In order to help clients adopt the most suitable solution, Allion offers a fully customizable solution, including both software and hardware such as sensors and cloud platforms, easy-to-implement solutions that can increase your work efficiency.

Allion Solutions have been adopted in different working scenarios, such as:

  • Real-time Environmental Monitoring – Check out Allion Easy Sense for environment monitoring systems
  • Data Analysis – Check out Allion Easy Data for data collection
  • Smart Production Line
  • Logistics – Check out Allion Easy Tracking, the solution for cold-chain logistics
  • Product Quality Assessment
  • CRM

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