Allion Labs, Inc. is authorized by Intel to be one of the first Test Labs to provide Thunderbolt™ 4 Host Certifications. Vendors can now get their products tested at Allion to ensure their products meet the requirements and use the Thunderbolt™ badge.

Thunderbolt™ 4 Host Testing services include Electrical Validation (EV) & Functional Validation (FV) to validate signal integrity and interoperability of your products, respectively.

Thunderbolt™ 4 Host EV Services:

  • CIO Phy (New!)
  • TBT4 Power (New!)
  • USB 3.X Phy
  • USB 2 Phy
  • DP Phy
  • PD 3.0

Thunderbolt™4 Host FV Services:

  • TBT4/USB4 (New!)
  • TBT3 SPD
  • TBT3 BPD
  • USB 3.X
  • USB 2
  • eGFX
  • Monitors

In addition to Thunderbolt™ 4 Host Certification, Allion provides Thunderbolt™ test for different devices, please click Thunderbolt™ -Test & Certification to learn more.

Allion Labs is a global test lab providing consultancy on ICT product and device testing. We have partnered with international organizations such as USB-IF, SATA-IO, VESA, Wi-Fi Alliance, and OCF to provide various validations and certifications.

For any questions regarding Thunderbolt™4 Host testing, please contact us at

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