Get Rid of Wires and Enjoy Visual Entertainment

What can you do when friends and family want to look at photos or videos on their smartphones together? The answer is to use the wireless display function on your phone. This function lets you wirelessly project photos and videos directly to your TV without wires, allowing everyone to enjoy movies or stream content together.

Looking at Wireless Display Trends

Wireless display technology on the market today includes Apple AirPlay, Wifi Alliance Miracast, Google Cast, and others. Recently, these technologies have been adopted for smart home applications, stimulating the growth of this market. According to Verified Market Research, a survey research organization, the wireless display market has reached US$41.8 billion in 2021 and will reach US$112.4 billion by 2030. From 2022 to 2030, the compound annual growth rate is predicted to be 11.68%.

Why Do Wireless Display Fail So Often?

User experiences for wireless display technology vary from user to user. Some people have no issues at all, and some struggle to connect to any device. This is due to the differences in mobile devices, wireless display technologies, TV brands, TV systems, Wi-Fi chip modules, and more.

From experience, Allion’s audio-visual product consulting team has discovered that during mobile phone wireless display usage, the most common issue is image delay, which severely affects the viewing experience and causes users to file complaints.

Simulating User Scenarios and Analyzing Risks

Allion’s testing team used the most common user scenarios, the two most popular smartphone operating systems, and five different TVs made by different brands to conduct wireless display tests. Each test lasted around five minutes and below are the test results.

From the results in the table above, the issues could be caused by:

  • Compatibility issues between TV Wi-Fi chips and smartphones
  • Wireless connection issue

Next, these four categories were summarized based on the issues:

  • Reduced picture quality
  • Laggy video playback
  • Reconnection could fail after disconnecting
  • Automatically disconnecting during playback

It’s not enough to only understand the issues. After further clarification and analysis, Allion’s team has concluded that it could be caused by these reasons:

  • Wireless network latency
  • Wireless network throughput
  • Wireless network packet error rate
  • Wireless display app abnormalities

If wireless network throughput is too low, it can cause lags and delays during video streaming and a bad viewing experience, leading to customer complaints. Our consultants can make modification suggestions for your products based on your product development phase and the issues themselves, such as antenna interference design optimization, TV OS/App/Wi-Fi software and firmware updates, Wi-Fi chip module replacements, and more.

Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted Audio/Video Product Testing Consultant

Allion can provide the corresponding equipment needed for certification testing and consultants that help the clients eliminate issues they may encounter.


With industry-leading high-frequency and high-speed measuring capabilities, no matter what the product stage is, Allion is able to help our clients to further accelerate the product testing cycle for various standard or special specifications.

  • Quickly provide wireless signal performance measurement testing (Wi-Fi Channel / BT Congestion Test)
  • Quickly design development verification strategies and consulting solutions
  • Quickly obtain certification planning


By implementing AI and automation solutions, Allion ensures that every test is “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible”, helping our clients to improve product performance in a more efficient manner.

  • Less labor-intensive testing methods
  • Time-saving and cost-effective testing solutions
  • More accurate test results


With more than 30 years of expertise, specialized technical team, and comprehensive testing environments and equipment, Allion is committed to providing clients with more improved quality of service based on extensive experience of User Scenario Testing.

  • Provides more complete user scenario testing solutions
  • Provides more complete verification testing plans
  • Professional issue isolation and debugging support

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If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services related to the A/V ecosystem, please feel free to explore the services online or contact us through the online form.