The Importance of High-performance Servers

In the digital age, people pursue better computing performance with more stability. While demands continue to increase, so does computing performance. As server sizes become smaller, centralized data centers have evolved into edge computing and B2C products. Servers are widely used in vehicles, whether by sea, by land, or by air, servers can handle various tasks on these vehicles. For example, vehicle-mounted servers provide traffic detection, notifications of traffic conditions, obstacle avoidance, and emergency braking. These tasks all require fast processing done with a high-performance server.

The Three Major Threats and How We Can Evaluate and Implement Safety Measures

There could be serious consequences when a server on a vehicle fails to operate. Sometimes the lives of the passengers can be put at risk. There are several main risks for servers in a vehicle, namely long-term high or low temperatures, drastic temperature changes, and continuous vibration.

1. Servers that are exposed to high or low temperatures for prolonged periods can cause them to shut down.
2. Drastic temperature changes may cause components in the server to malfunction due to thermal expansion and contraction.
3. Continuous vibration can cause components in the server to loosen or fall off, leading to server failure.

For an aircraft, drastic temperature changes occur during takeoff and landing. Planes will also be in a low-temperature environment when flying at a fixed altitude, not to mention the vibrations that occur during the entire flight. Cars can also run into the same issue when driving in polar climates or deserts. Vibrations will always occur during driving, especially if road conditions are bad.

For the three major threats mentioned above, Allion can provide a series of comprehensive evaluations and tests:

1. Evaluate the limits of the highest temperature, lowest temperature, and degree of vibration during usage.
2. Evaluate the value of the highest temperature, lowest temperature, and degree of vibration which cannot be recovered.
3. Run tests with high temperature, low temperature, and vibrations similar to actual usage scenarios to ensure proper operation.

After servers undergo the evaluations mentioned above, clients can understand the limits, risks, and probabilities of accidents with the simulation test results. This allows clients to avoid product malfunctions after the products are transported onto the vehicles.

Faster, Easier, Better: Your Trusted Product Testing Consultant

We will strictly control your product quality by using comprehensive testing, analysis, and suggestions for you. Allion can also provide you with the following advantages.


Allion can provide industry-leading product testing which includes evaluations of high temperatures, low temperatures, and degree of vibration. Specification suggestions, supplier selection, and sample specifications are also a part of our services. It doesn’t matter which stage your products are in now, we can provide our clients with services that correspond to various standards and specifications, speeding up the product testing phase.


For quality control during mass production like these, Allion can assist you to evaluate the quality of your production line and help you carry out sample inspections. This way you can ensure quality consistency with mass production for your customers or clients. In addition, Allion can also help you with product compatibility testing for suppliers, establishing a tolerance database to prevent compatibility issues between your suppliers.


Allion has more than three decades of professional experience, professional technical teams, and a complete range of testing laboratories and equipment. Once we find potential risks in our client’s products, we can immediately help them understand the possible causes. Afterward, debugging and suggested solutions are provided to help our clients make faster decisions and solve problems more efficiently.

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If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services related to the server ecosystem, please feel free to explore the following services online or contact us through the online form.


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