Stability is Just as Important as Data Performance

As SSDs have become popularized, anyone who has ever used one usually appreciates the faster reading and writing speeds compared to HDDs. Most SSD manufacturers utilize standardized performance testing to verify the SSD performance. For both manufacturers and average consumers, performance data is usually only used as a reference for purchasing SSDs.

Although performance data is very important, SSD stability is often something that’s overlooked. For the average consumer, various types of continuous reading, random reading, data sizes, and queue depths will be sent from the host, greatly affecting SSD performance. In other words, we cannot draw conclusions from the performance evaluation when the product has complex user scenarios. A performance verification test can only provide a simple comparison of performance data. In the modern user scenario, where audio, video, and gaming are in high demand, consumers are putting more emphasis on the performance and stability of their SSDs. Manufacturers can no longer seek solutions from traditional verification methods.

In-depth Analysis of SSD Workload Performances in Real User Scenarios

User Case Study: SSD Workload Performance

With decades of experience and professional partnerships with major international manufacturers, Allion’s consulting team found a new method to verify performance data for SSDs called the “Exact Load Performance Test”.

To conduct this test, first, we must know the actual distribution of read and write speeds in a specific environment. An IO trace is used to record the performance in specific scenarios and analyze the process of the read and write speeds. This performance test program allows us to analyze the read and write speeds of the SSD under test in various user scenarios. Common scenarios include video editing, gaming, word processing, IT software, large-scale image editing, student work, and more. Next, we will start discussing the two most popular user scenarios in the current climate.


Online Video Creators Require High SSD Random Write Speeds

To satisfy their audience by regularly updating content, online video creators need to output a large amount of videos regularly, making them access SSDs very frequently. As seen in the following chart, the proportion of writing accounts for almost 80% of the majority of access.

Online Video Creators Require High SSD Random Write Speeds

Next, let’s discuss random writing, accounting for most of the access. It can be seen that random write is mainly distributed between 4KB to 128 KB block size (around 60%), while the other is distributed between 128KB to 1024KB (around 30%), giving a total of approximately 90%. From this, we can conclude that the usage requirements of video creators mostly focus on writing, especially random writing.


Gamers Require SSD Random Reading Speeds

In terms of PCs, there is a group of heavy users who use their computers to play games, commonly known as gamers or e-sports gamers. Most of these gamers need high-speed data reading for better real-time reactions. Next, we verified and observed what the read and write access looked like.

Gamers Require SSD Random Reading Speeds

From the chart below, it can be seen that reading accounts for most of the access with almost 70%. Among the 70%, random read accounts for around half (48.92%). The block size of random read is widely distributed around 128KB to 1024KB and 4KB to 128KB. From this data, we can conclude that for gaming, SSDs need to have higher-performing reading operations between 4KB to 1024KB.


From these two case studies, we learned that using a standardized performance verification test cannot truly represent the actual performance of an SSD. It can create blind spots in the products that do not live up to user expectations in specific scenarios. Although the average consumer may not feel that much of a difference, heavy users who need to access data more frequently or need larger data capacities can get a bad user experience with inconsistent performance. When there is such a gap between a consumer’s expectations and the actual user experience, it can negatively affect the brand’s image. For product developers, the exact performance of a product in real user scenarios should always be a major focus when selling products to manufacturers and brands.


Faster, Easier, Better! Allion Storage Validation Consulting Service

Just like in the case studies mentioned above, Allion’s consulting team has professional capabilities to simulate user scenarios. Other than reading/writing and block distribution, we can also customize tests according to our clients and assist them with conducting reliability testing or related SSD verification testing to strictly control the quality and reliability of their products. Moreover, Allion has accumulated over 30 years of testing and certification experience. Through comprehensive intelligent testing suggestions and analysis, Allion can bring the clients with a full range of testing solutions, helping them eliminate issues they may encounter. This ultimately reduces the possibility of users returning their purchased products.



Allion leads the industry with high-frequency and high-speed testing equipment that helps our clients take care of various SSD product verification issues faster. If our clients have specific needs, we can also propose customized solutions for them to solve their issues as soon as possible.



We have a complete range of testing equipment that meets all of our clients’ requirements including signal issues, pre-market verification, high-temperature testing, vibration testing, drop testing, and quality inspection. Allion can provide related services to our clients so they don’t need to worry about verification testing.



Allion has high-end advanced testing equipment, professional technical teams, and a complete range of testing environments and laboratories. Once we find potential risks in our client’s products, we can immediately help them understand the possible causes. Afterward, debugging and suggested solutions are provided to help our clients make faster decisions and solve problems more efficiently.

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