Since the prevailing trend of thin and light design has been more and more popular, Solid State Drive (SSD) will definitely replace traditional Hard Disk Drives in the near future.


Allion's SSD Total Test Solution

Since the prevailing trend of thin and light design has been more and more popular, Solid State Drive (SSD) will definitely replace traditional Hard Disk Drives in the near future.  As we enjoy the advantages of SSDs such as high speed, light-weight and high endurance, there are still many possible factors that may affect SSD's performance. Data Integrity, Functionality, Interoperability and so on may be the stumbling blocks to success.  No matter during the stages of development & design or the appearance on market, with Allion's SSD Total Test Solution, we are able to pinpoint potential problems. Choose Allion's multi-angle customized test solution, we are confident to level up your product's quality and improve market competitiveness.


Hardware Test

  • Compliance Check of Standard Specifications
  • Signal Integrity Measurement
  • Interface Conformance: Thunderbolt/NGFF/NVMe

Compatibility Test

Test with a wide range of test matrices including different:

  • Product Type: PC, NB, Tablet …
  • OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
  • Chipset
  • RAID

– A variety of list of equipment for various test requirements


Performance Test

  • Long term, full range, dynamic performance evaluation
  • Diverse and widely-adopted benchmark testing tools
  • Allion's self-designed benchmark tool for delicate test case execution
  • Pre-defined test workloads for user scenarios simulation
  • Detailed graph analysis of the test results


Data Integrity Test

  • Long term stress test to validate SSD’s self-trim function and flush implementation
  • Data conformance test to ensure no data is compromised due to possible defect/bug


Reliability Test

Endurance Test  

  • No data corruption after certain length of using time
  • Follow JEDEC Client Class (Common User Scenario): 40℃, 8hrs/day use, power off at 30℃

Power Cycle Test  

  • Ensure SSD can sustain thousands of power cycles
  • Device Detection Test
  • Data I/O Test
  • Unexpected power off
  • System Cold Boot
  • OOB Detection
  • Unexpected Power Failure
  • Power Interruption (Flush)

Thermal Test 

  • Extreme Working Temperature Test
  • Thermal Change Test with different temperature/humidity conditions


Power Consumption Test

  • Monitor SSD’s power consumption status under various power schemes
  • Low power status measurement for Partial, Slumber and DEVSLP
  • Battery time/life observation
  • Different scenarios of test cases are available
  • Long term power analysis


Noise Interference

  • Make sure noise interference between SSD and other high frequency interfaces does not affect both performances
  • Near Field EMI
  • Platform Noise & De Sense Validation
  • Integrated Noise Scan



Several of hosts from different companies for interoperability test for NAND/Flash memories products


Competitive Analysis & Benchmark Test

With our customized one-stop solution, your SSD will have a series of test, including numerous pre-defined workloads, NCQ depth, flush disable/enable and more.  Furthermore, we are able to compare your SSD with other companies’ SSDs through transparent charts and accurate data, which would pinpoint the advantages and differences between your product and others.  If any performance instability or degradation occurred, our expert team will help to trace back to the problem root cause.  Through Allion’s entire services and technical consultation, we are able to satisfy with your various needs for SSDs, effectively saving your budget and cost of time.


Workload Based Test Method

  • Collect massive test data from different user behaviors. Analyze collected test data to design its corresponding workload
  • Each workload reflects its user scenario accordingly
  • Workloads are customizable based on individual test requirement


Examples of PC Workload Item: 

  • Power Management
  • Internet Browsing
  • System Backup/Recovery
  • Office Software Suite
  • Antivirus Scan
  • Image Editing
  • Gaming
  • File Copy/Delete
  • BitTorrent
  • Media Playback
  • Compression/Decompression
  • Windows Update

Self-Developed Benchmark Tool 

  • Use Allion's unique test methodology which contains abundant research data from various SSD test results
  • Evaluate SSD's performance under different circumstances
  • Flexible test configuration settings
  • Intact test data/ log recording for further analysis

Engineering Consulting Service

  • Debugging support, issue verification, root cause identification and failure analysis
  • Product quality improvement suggestions
  • In-depth test result analysis
  • Future new product design recommendations


Troubleshooting Level Support

Understanding the complexity of SSD products, Allion's Benchmark Test Solution provides you more than just a regular “benchmark test result”. Our support not only lets you know if your product can live up to its claims, but also can help you to root cause defects. Our precise test analysis will help you to realize how far your product can go. Our solution will give you proper and accurate advice on all potential risks to your product reducing possible errors.

Help to avoid your product having these issues: 

  • Performance Degradation
  • Data Corruption/Lost
  • Endurance Issue
  • System/RAID Compatibility
  • High Speed Interface Signal Integrity
  • Performance Instability
  • Performance Tuning & OS Boot Optimization