MCIO Cable & Connector

Product ID: MCIO Plug APT22103/ MCIO Receptacle APT22051

Product Summary

The test Fixture supports MCIO 8i plug & receptacle connector for MCIO 8i cable electrical compliance test.


MCIO 8X cable Electrical Compliance testing

Key Feature

  1. 2.92mm Connectors update to 40GHz Supported
  2. 2X Thru Calibration onboard.


  1. Plug and Receptacle fixture : support 24 differential pairs
  2. 2.92 mm connector support to 40GHz
  3. 1 pair 2X Thru calibration line for Receptacle fixture
  4. 2 pairs 2X Thru calibration line for Plug fixture
  5. Plug and Receptacle fixture use 8X connector (74 pins).