HDMI 2.1 Type-A Rec

Product ID: HDMI 2.1 Type-A Receptacle TF (Luxshare TFH-08RIU)

Product Summary

The TFH-08R1U support tests with the HDMI Cable CAT3 2.1 CTS. This fixture is designed to have high performance electrical tests with accuracy test results.


HDMI Cable Cat 3 Electrical Compliance testing

Key Feature

  1. Up to 48 Gb/s data rate supported
  2. Certified for CAT3 cable testing
  3. GCTS Compliance Fixtures
  4. Supports FRL/EDID testing


  1. HDMI Type-A Receptacle Connector
  2. Six SMA Connector for D0~D2
  3. Two SMA Connector for D3(CLK)
  4. Two SMA Connector for HEAC
  5. Dimension 24mm x 162.22mm