USB Active Cable

This test fixture is officially designated by the USB-IF

Product ID: USB-Active-Cable


USB Active Cable Assembly

Key Feature

  • ( 2.92mm K Band) Vertical Type SMA connectors are easy to install, boosting test efficiency.
  • (A) Steady and firm, higher accuracy for the plugging of DUTs
    (B) Reinforcing the durability of Type C Receptacle connector.
    (C) Adopts 2.92 mm K Band (40Ghz) SMA Connector, authentically simulates the features of high-frequency cables.
    (D) Adoption of 2X Thru calibration traces on both sides of the fixtures to ensure accurate measurement
  • All TypeC pins are based on the 2.92mm receptacle connector. The SMA VBUS cables enables external power to cable assembly.


Dimension: 13mm*7.5mm*13.4mm (LxWxH)